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by - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

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This month is all about the basic things many of us buy, and often on a regular basis, that makes up the majority of our shopping. In other words, it won't address the appliance or furniture purchase you might make once or twice in a lifetime- it's going to be the tissues and other stuff you buy pretty often without putting too much thought into it.

If you only have 3 rooms in your space, it's a living space, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The bedroom gets its own space because many of us need some privacy and quiet to sleep. Unlike a kitchen or bathroom, you don't need too many basics for it, and you may not shop for the room that often, but there are a couple of things you probably buy for the room pretty regularly.

You can read over and over again advice to keep the bedroom simple and not have much in there. Honestly, that isn't us, but I do see the wisdom. If you need storage, check out my closet organization blog. But also consider donating more of what is in the room. In most of our cases, we don't need more storage, we need WAY less stuff.

So what do you need in a bedroom? A few ideas, but if I am missing something, someone let me know! If you are looking for more bedroom info, also check out this post from the wedding registry!

1. Facial Tissues

Hankies might be a little gross for you (I agree), but you can still green this simple item by only buying recycled tissues! It's so easy, and honestly your snot is not that precious.

Our Pick: Green2 Tree Free Facial Tissues- 30 boxes of 90 tissues is 48.71 (So 1.62 a box and a little under 2 cents a tissue). We use these in our house right now. They may not be quite as soft as a kleenex, but they are close enough to get us through lots of colds. This isn't recycled paper, it doesn't use tree product at all. The company is owned by women, and a percentage of the proceeds go to replanting trees. So pretty awesome.

Other OptionsGreen Forest Facial Tissues (24 boxes of 175-about 1 cent a tissue). Not only is this way cheaper, they also have great reviews for being soft (my favorite quote "I am not a major hippy, but if I could do something good for the environment, why not?") Preach it

Seventh Generation- Just to compare, their single box of 175 tissues is 2.84. In case you don't have the room to buy in bulk, there are still eco-friendly options for you!

Kimberly Clark Surpass Recycled Tissues- Kimberly Clark manufactures Kleenex and most of the other brands you use, but this product is 100% post-consumer product. 36 boxes of 110 tissues is 59.24.

2. Sheets

 Ok, not an everyday purchase, but definitely something you will buy more than a few times in your lifetime (unless you have really amazing and long-lasting sheets, in which case, we need to talk). The greenest thing you can do for these is avoid the cheap, Made in Elsewhere sheets we would usually buy at Target and find something that has traveled a shorter distance and will last longer. It's worth it to get good sheets.

My pick-American Dorm sells a line of Dreamfit, made in America sheets that look well-made and still come in a wide variety of colors. I would start with them.

Other options-  Linoto if you are being fancy. You can also look at AB Lifestyles and Cozy Pure.

3. Moisturizer

In my house, most of my lotion, make-up, and chapstick live in our bedroom so I can get ready while The Boy is in the shower. At the very least, I always have moisturizer/ sunscreen combo in the bedroom so I can put it on right before I do my makeup.

Like all lotions, makeup, and cosmetics, moisturizers can legally dodge many questions of where it is made and the ethics behind it. It's a tricky topic, so let me know if I am missing something you love.

Our Pick- I use Andalou Naturals, based out of California, for shampoo, so I know this company sounds great.

Other Options- Just listing here! ApothOtopIa, Herbal Moon Apothecary, Gaia Body Works, Nabbies Handmade, Hippy Lab, Raw Love Sunscreen, Rootdown Organics, Calm Natural Skin Care, Christina Moss, and Block Island.

Alright! Another list down, but we can add more if there are things you often buy for your bedroom.Be sure to check the Giant List of Shopping Lists for more Eco-Friendly, Ethical, and Made in America shopping ideas!

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  1. You can replace your moisturizer with coconut oil! It's also a good alternative to palm oil, and it's pretty easy to find it fair trade. Plus I've only ever seen them in glass containers. I use mine for all sorts of things- it's like the cosmetic version of a rubber band or paper clip.



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