3 Things for Yesterday- Consignment, Garlic Naan, and Finger Paints

by - Thursday, August 11, 2016

notebook paper painted with bright and colorful finger paints

1. Finger Paints- I love these paints and a few old sheets of sketch paper. Paired with a wheelbarrow of dirt, we spent a whole afternoon making and playing. Such a fun day! We got these locally, and you can find lots of organic options.

2. Garlic Naan- Favorite thing in any Indian restaurant. I love bread so much. I wish I could stop, but I just love it so much.

baby sleepsacks hanging at childish things baby consignment store

baby carriers hanging at childish things baby consignment storebottles and feeding stuff hanging at childish things baby consignment store

3. Baby Consignment- I just finished my Eco-Friendly Baby Registry last week, and in it, I say over and over again there is no more environmentally-friendly (and low cost) option than getting your baby supplies used. It shouldn't be considered charity or tragic for parents to lean on used supplies- kids go through things fast! Yesterday, we went to get a couple last minute items for our coming Bubba, and I felt so encouraged to see just how much they have there- sleep sacks, blankets, boppy pillows, carriers, bottles, EVERYTHING. Take the stigma away from buying your baby stuff pre-used, look up your local consignment stores, and go save tons of money. It is crazy to do anything else.

Word of the Day- The Bub repeated my first bad word "Suck it." Oops. Time to slow down on the swearing. Maybe.

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