3 Things for Today and Yesterday- Planners, Pens, Coconuts and Biscuits

by - Monday, August 08, 2016

gallery leather planner

1. My New Planner and Pens- I love this time of year and setting up a new planner. It basically functions as my brain, so I owe it my most of my productivity and at least a little of my existence. For two years, I used My Agenda from Paper Source, but when I opened it this year, I realized it is "Designed in the US, Made in China." Booo. If I am paying 50 dollars for this thing but it isn't made ethically, then what I am paying for? So it was time for a change.

I ended up returning the original planner and bought the Gallery Leather planner instead- it is half the price of the original. I also find it totally hilarious that it looks so auspicious, and most of my plans for the next three months are poop, puke, and laundry-related. Sure to be a family heirloom. I already love it, and it actually seems a little more flexible to my actual life, in a good way.

Even better, I decided to splurge on some Pilot Bottle to Pen pens. These amazing pens are made out of recycled water bottles in the US. All pens should be made like these ones. All pens should be recycled plastic (because really, why not?). Two of my favorite splurges, and it wasn't even that tough to track down eco-friendlier options.

2. This Wedding- In my dream world, every wedding would have carved coconuts speaking out against bottled water. You could even be way more subtle than this and eliminate waste from your wedding, but subtlety is overrated. This wedding is awesome.

learning to make biscuits

3. The First of Many Biscuits- Trying to learn to make biscuits from scratch so we can have strawberry shortcake at home. These weren't a total failure, but I wouldn't necessarily describe them as good either. Anyone have any good tips for these? Because I am at least a few tries away from the big recipe, but it feels like it will be a cool thing to be able to do from scratch once I can.

Hilarious Word of the Day (according to my toddler)- Tube

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