Top Ten Most Delicious New Meals of 2013

by - Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10. Snickerdoodley Things- This year, we were all over snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches, which I am telling you, is the bomb. In honor of our weird snickerdoodley obsession, we also made a snickerdoodle cake with brown sugar cinammon crunchies inside for our first anniversary. I thought it was pretty darn good.

9. Waffles with Chocolate Ice Cream in Amsterdam- Mmm... delicious. Why don't we do ice cream and waffle combos more often in the States? I guess we didn't have as desert-y a year, because this is the end of the sweets, but if you only have a few hours in Amsterdam, I recommend a waffle and some french fries. Both are pretty awesome.

8. Johnny's Barbeque Chicken- The Boy's brother Johnny made us barbeque chicken when we were visiting this summer, and it was life changing. I have never really gotten why barbeque chicken is such a big deal, but this stuff was amazing. We begged for the recipe afterwards. I think burnt chicken skin may be the only reason why people eat chicken. We have the recipe now, but I am almost afraid to go for it, because I know it will pale to the Johnny version.

7. Nola Etoufee- We are currently obsessed with creole food, because we are Top Chef sheeple and also because Nola is awesome. Third reason- green onion. Green onion is underrated, and when you start having it on things, you start to wish it was on everything. Jambalaya is delicious and spicy, but I like this Etoufee more due to its seafoody goodness. Scallops really are the bomb. Scallops in roux is even better.

6. Sam's Chowder House Lobster Roll-We may have eaten one of these in 2012, but we fell in love in 2013. It comforted me during the worst week ever, and driving up to Half Moon Bay to get it makes it feel like an adventure. Also, apparently when you get them in New England, there is Mayo, but it really isn't necessary at all. Lobster, celery, and a buttered roll are all you need. Mayo has never improved anything in the world.

5. Piqueos' Scallops-  Piqueos is our favorite Peruvian restaurant in San Francisco. When we went for our fancyversary in March, we had the best scallops I ever had in my life. They were crispy and soft at once, with some sort of creamy sauce, salsa, and green onion (oh yeah, it's back. Green onion is a superfood). Peruvian food should be way more popular than it is.

4. Dengu- We ate dengu at my Aunt and Uncles house in Nairobi, and it was my favorite thing we tried in our whole trip to Africa. It was a soup that had these little bean things that reminded me of peas? The Boy says it didn't taste like peas, but it did to me. It was earthy and yummy, and it came with bread that I think was called Maandazi? I highly recommend the whole shebang whenever you are in that corner of the world.

 3. Spicy Hamachi Rolls- Clearly this became an obsession this year. Sushi can be intimidating for small town wasps like us, but once you jump in, there is lots of good stuff to be found. Spicy hamachi rolls might be one of those Americanized sushi hybrids, but I am alright with it. I like any Yellowtail, but add that bit of spice, and I am really happy. We briefly tried to eat at a bunch of different sushi places, but we just like ours, where the waitresses are really mean and you can smell the ice cream next door.

2. Garlic steamed mussels- Andre ordered these during our weekend in Maine, and they were really freaking good. I am just lucky he went splitsies with me, because all I had to offer were some lackluster steamed clams (though they did come in a cute bucket). They should be gross, but the garlic taste with the semi-salty mussels makes you forget the weird tongue thing you are putting in your mouth. And they are a better size to just pop in your mouth. We just started making our own and they are super easy and good. Expect more mussels in 2014.

1. The Chairman Braised Pork Sandwich- Come on, you knew this was coming! As a random outing in January, we went to check out food trucks at Moveable Feast in San Jose. It was freaking cold, but there were no lines, so we started at a grilled cheese truck. It was fine. Then, we tried a sandwich at this beautiful red truck, and we ordered the coke-braised pork, because that was just weird enough to be awesome. And it was. It was so so delicious, as was sitting in a parking lot on overturned buckets, so we decided to make this our weekly Friday night date. And now in December, it still stands, and I still get this sandwich every week. I never get sick of it, and even more importantly, it started a new tradition in our family, and was maybe the first step to me seeing a different side of the Bay Area, one that was more communal and less competitive. Also, did I mention how great the sandwich is? This is the defining meal of 2013. Thank you, Bao sandwich. You cannot be topped!

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