9 Things- Shirley. Gouache Paint, Pendulous Breasts, and Fluffy Dancing

by - Saturday, February 08, 2014

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1.Shirley- I know she didn't make it to the Top Chef finale, but the whole finale sure made me wish she did. I really couldn't root for either of the finalists, but wow Nicholas could not have had a less attractive win. Just not likable or professional at all to scream at people that way. On EW, they said he is the kind of person who needs to set up his own losses as not his fault, so he picks the scapegoat before he knows the outcome. It's not a good look.
2. Hanging Pictures with Mollie- So nice to just hang out at her house and hear about her life as a new teacher. I feel like as adults (and maybe this is just us- you can tell us), you stop doing the really banal things with your friends. In the Silicon Valley, we just have lots of dinners out and that sort of thing, o it feel good to just hang out every once in a while. 
3. Getting in Long Debates about the Cultural Value of Sports- Man, we haven't gotten in one of those fights for such a long time. If you can't have a long, pointless conversation about a barely topical topic with your life partner, who can you have them with? Are Sports, specifically Olympic Sports, as  culturally valuable as art or music? How does commercial value effect this question? Most importantly, why do I have to pretend to care about Sochi when so many dark clouds hang over the whole thing? Am I a bad American if I don't care about Olympic sports that don't include McKayla Maroney?
4. Gouache paint- This is becoming one of my favorite materials to teach with, because children can really explore the color and the materiality.
5. Skyping with Petey and Aubrey- If you have to separate from your family, this is the era to do so. Thank goodness when I get too homesick for them we can skype with them, so they can show us their new toys and tell us about school. Also, they crack me up!
6.Fantasizing about skipping work tomorrow. Do other people do this too? 4:30 is so soon. So soon. And right now I just feel overwhelmed with life, and I would really just like to teleport magically to Tennessee and hang out with my Mom and not act like an adult for a while. Probably not the best choice, but doesn't it sound so much nicer than getting back on that train tomorrow?
7. The Rain in San Francisco- Beautiful, and never more appreciated since we have been in a serious drought.It was even worth the long walk to the caltrain after the Muni stopped back at the Giants' Stadium.
8. "The Pendulous Breasts of a Woman who Bore Children"- There needs to be a show called "Docents Say the Craziest Things... With Sass!" Docents have to be one of the most interesting social subsets in the world, and they deserve their own studies about how people learn and communicate about art. Plus, it is often a big group of mature women in a room working together, so that is fun to see what happens when you make them do 6th grader projects.
9. In Cold Blood- Well, I can see why people consistently question its "non-fiction" status (exactly how would he know about a private conversation between two of the victims?), but the prose is beautiful and creepy. It really works/ I am just finishing the first part (there are four), but I had to stop last night when the violent crime scene was making me light-headed on the train. I think I perhaps amplified my visualization in my head, but the feeling was no good, and I didn't need to make a scene of myself.
10. The Dancers at the Opening Ceremony- I didn't watch much but the walking in, and I HATED the weird women used as signs in super high-slitted "futuristic" outfits, but I enjoyed the people in fluffy furry vests doing dorky dance moves. I would watch just that. 

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