6 Things for the Weekend- Schiele Gags, Chipotle Bowls, and Picture Walls

by - Monday, April 07, 2014

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1. A Good Old-Fashioned Egon Schiele Gag- I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel. I thought it was really well-paced for an Anderson movie, and the actors (oh, so boy-heavy) were clearly all having a lot of fun. But nothing earned my love more than the fact that they used my favorite painter for a pretty hilarious moment in the film. It has to be the only time Schiele's pervy wonderfulness has been used in an American film that way. It's not an actual Schiele, as far as I know, but it is a blatant lift. Apparently, before the film was released, people made something of this shot and that Ralph Fiennes' character was named Gustave (as in Klimt? Elder statesmen Austrian painter?), and I don't think they were entirely wrong. In the theater, I mentioned to The Boy that there was a lot of Austrian-ness at play, and I counted at least 2 Klimt prints in the background at various moments. Who doesn't love an already aesthetically pretentious (but so damn good) movie that is doing some art historical play in its subtext? Still, I think the Andersonicity was balanced well with a lot of silly gags and action. Also, Jeff Goldblum. Seriously, go see this movie. 
2. Chipotle Bowls- I never really got the big deal with Chipotle, even though the Boy loves it, but I was in the mood this weekend, and it was delicious. I love the bowls, because the tortillas are weird to me, but the bowl is so good, and it isn't too much of a challenge to make it healthy.
3. Palm folding- Excited that we will get to do this next weekend. yay for this, even if the church-searching is not over.
4. Pictionary- We had a fun game night with The Boy's friends from work. I don't think I have actually played this game for a really long time, but I thought it was fun. Better than charades, which was the other suggestion.

5. Finishing the Picture Wall- The Boy's friend also moved into his house the same week we moved into ours, and going there really made me appreciate how much work we have done toward making the house our own. Nothing is better though than getting our pictures and prints up on the walls. It is a stressful process, mostly because we have to drill, so mistakes are a real pain in the butt, but it transforms the house into ours at a new level.

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