3 Things for Yesterday- Memento Tattoos, The Boy, and Save the Dates

by - Thursday, November 21, 2013

from blackboxblue.wordpress.com
1. The tattoos in Memento- I didn't love the movie, but you can't deny its a great conceit and that the tattoos are a fun idea. I also think Guy Pearce is so perfectly deadpan in the role. Again, I am not in love with the movies (lots of puzzle, but not much meaning), but the tattoos are a lot of fun.
2. The Boy- Usually, I am pretty hard to get much of a rise out of, but these last few weeks it has taken very little to really upset me. Usually I don't mind being the listener, but the last few weeks, I feel very frustrated with how unheard I feel. Usually, life's little disasters look like adventures to me, but right now, I feel like any little thing can leave me irrationally annoyed. I feel like I a trying to figure out my value in the universe, and everything is a sign.  Yesterday, I turned a brand new white sweater blue in the laundry, and it was a real downer. The Boy is doing a good job of swallowing down his bewildered face, and he has been really patient with the whole thing. Even without a snazzy new cardigan, I can never forget how lucky I am.

3. Class reunion save the dates- They came out really well, so thank you vistaprint. Now I just have to get these things sent. Does anyone know if you can sent mail as a postcard if it doesn't have the line or the spot for the stamp?

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