Ideas for the Thanksgiving Group Picture

by - Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am RIDICULOUSLY psyched for Thanksgiving this year, because for the first time in a very long time, all 8 of the Moffitt siblings will be in the same place at the same time. I think that nearly everyone will be together (minus a cousin or two). This miraculous occasion will hopefully be celebrated with some group pictures, but how do you take a good photograph of 30+ people? I looked at Pinterest for some inspiration. Also I got some good advice (remember- shoot at f/8) This is what I found:


This blog gave lots of great advice for taking really large group pictures. I love the idea of shooting at a slightly higher angle so you can make sure that you get everyone's face in the shot.

I love that they just have a really wide frame for this one. Also, I feel like chairs and multiple levels really help the picture look more interesting.

I like the ones taken outside, but I am so nervous that it will be too cold and wet to take the kids outside on Thanksgiving day. I don't think there is any interior space that will look as nice, but you really shouldn't freeze babies. It's not festive.

I think the closer crop here works, and it creates a much cozier feel though the super blonds all seem to be pushing forward for their closeup. I am not sure we could pull this off, but it is a different strategy. This site also recommended posing the picture one family group at a time (put Nana and Poppop in the center and then move outward with different families) so there is a more natural sense of closeness. I can kind of see this working.

Love the levels. Do not love that some people look like they are having lonely Zoolander moments.

Alright, so this is on my mind right now. Does anyone know any good tricks for taking a great HUGE family portrait? I will definitely update you on how it goes.

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