An Earth-Friendly, Made In America Baby Registry- Part 2- Just the Links

by - Saturday, July 23, 2016

Here are the links for the Second Part of the Made in America and Earth-Friendly Baby Registry. Browse through and make some switches to make your registry that much greener!

what to dress your baby in

Basics (sleepers, onesies, pants, and socks)- Used
Other Options- Pact


Diaper Pail- Ubbi steel diaper pail

bathing, health, and skin care

Baby Detergent- The Simply Co and dryer wool balls

Baby Shampoos-Noodle and Boo

Other Options- Celebriducks and Wowie Stars

Bath Tub- Used
Other Options-  Primo Eurobath

Cradle Cap Brush- this one 

First Aid/Grooming Kit- The First Years

Gripe Water- Wellements

Nail Clippers- these clippers or"No-Mes" clipper

Snot Sucker- Nosefreida

Thermometer- Exgen

Toothbrush- banana toothbrush

Towels- Curly Monkey or Yikes Twins

Washcloth- Busy Bonnie Bee

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