Letter to Get Better- Pact

by - Friday, July 22, 2016

Rocking some adorable Pact socks

Dearest Pact,

In the past two years, your socks have earned my undying loyalty.

Nobody does baby socks as well as you do (so stretchy, so cute), and I love that your company prioritizes being fair trade, respectful of their workers, and environmentally-conscientious. My son has worn your socks more than anyone, and we have started branching out into your underwear selections (now I am eyeing leggings- so cute).  I recommend your socks to everyone on this blog, because you have something genuinely great going on.

Now, this isn't just a lovefest for your fair trade cotton and no sweatshop policy (though I LOVE those things too). Here's the problem. Somebody changed your packaging, and it sucks. You used to have just cardboard (I think recycled) packaging, but a couple of times now, I have received boxes that have plastic in them as well.

What gives?

The plastic packaging might make sense for stores (I know you are at Whole Foods), but I think if you are mailing you definitely don't need the high security of a flimsy piece of plastic.

This little piece of plastic is pretty commonplace, but as you probably know, it can cause big problems. First, if you live somewhere with recycling, they generally can't/ won't recycle boxes with a plastic insert, and not everyone knows to separate them. Even worse, in places where the box just gets thrown in a landfill, it guarantees that it will never biodegrade. Ever piece of that plastic, useless and unattractive, will sit in the landfill when my children are buying socks for their children's children.

 It takes your packaging from potentially waste-free to very wasteful. If I am trying to do the best for my kids with my shopping, I am not sure your socks are it anymore. What a bummer!

Now, I am debating whether there is a way to get your amazing socks for our next baby without the lame packaging. Please consider going back to a more environmentally responsible model of packaging so I can keep giving you money and talking up your sockmazingness!

Sunshine Guerrilla

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