3 Things for Yesterday-Mistake, Old Easels, and a Bag of Dirt

by - Sunday, July 24, 2016

1. "Happy" and "Mistake"- We are learning new words every day, and some of them are not great (note to self- stop saying "stupid" in front of crazed toddler), but yesterday's were really keepers. I especially like that "mistake" is a funny thing so far.

2. Our New Easel- Just call him Manet, because he's going en plein aire. Love this new addition to our play stuff outside, and we got it on Buy Nothing, so it was totally free. Does it have some signs of a past life? Yep, and I am pretty sure my toddler will have them all well-covered in marker before he is done with it. Outdoor toys seem like the perfect thing to always get used, because you know that business has a rough road ahead of it. Also, the Boy's rockets look like penises. What is the circle on top supposed to be?

3. Finishing a Project- On the way to baby #2, we have been trying to be super productive to make up for the months we know we will get nothing done. It has led to a bunch of things lingering in our house half done right now, so the goal for the month and half until baby is to finish them (yes, I get in there and help too!). We finally finished pushing out our lilac bush area, and now we have that much more room to grow things (and that much less of a giant gravel patch for a yard).

 We just reused old stones dug up (we will give all the extras away- our yard is a yard on top of another yard) and we got the dirt on Buy Nothing too! 140 pounds of dirt for free, and my saint father carried them down three flights of stairs for me at the pick up. It's 15 dollars or so saved! Basically, Buy Nothing made our whole Saturday.

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