Today's Inspiration- Max Lamb's Grandfather's Tree

by - Thursday, April 07, 2016

My Grandfather's Tree pieces, 2015- from Azure Magazine

Max Lamb is a designer focused on where and how he gets his materials, so this guy is right up my alley. I am currently obsessed with his piece "My Grandfather's Tree" which was entirely sourced from an old ash tree on his grandfather's property in Yorkshire. The tree was threatening a neighboring structure, so they pulled it down, and Lamb took the tree and split it into 130 pieces. He didn't interfere much, but level the tops and bottoms, and he exhibited the segments in long rows organized by size. You can see all 187 of its life rings in the piece, and it makes it obvious to the viewer what we can sometimes forget- wood objects are made of trees, which once had their own life and function. I just think the piece is sweet and personal while also being pretty epic and wide-reaching for a designer. Look it up and be amazed!

Azure Magazine wrote a great piece on this work with some great images of all the pieces of the "reconstructed" tree together and in various settings and arrangements. Check it out!

To see more of Max Lamb's work, check out his Artsy page here.

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