Love the Local List- Green Lake/ Greenwood, Seattle, WA

by - Friday, April 08, 2016

This is a new blog series where we can each sing the praises of our favorite local shops, brands, and restaurants. Supporting local businesses does even more than supporting small business owners (though that is great too). It keeps your money local to you (not off wherever the Waltons are vacationing), creates more jobs for your friends and family, and even helps the environment. Why is shopping local good for the environment? We talk a lot about commutes and how much fuel people use to travel, and the same applies to your stuff. The further your stuff has to travel, the more fossil fuels they use and energy they waste. Large companies and chains pretty consistently show less responsibility and concern for the environment and the communities they are in, so you can effect positive change locally and decrease your environmental impact just by shopping and eating local! 

 This blog intends to encourage us to get out and explore the businesses near where we live. See it as a fun challenge to see what you can support nearby and be surprised what amazingness you may have missed. You can also check out other lists to find the coolest places to go when you travel to new places!  

We moved to Seattle in 2014, and we feel lucky to have landed in an area that is very kid-friendly and walkable. I love living here, and I have been super-inspired by Washington's wide variety of local options of everything from cookies (Cougar Mountain) to frozen peas (Cascadia).

1. PCC- Chain, all over the city-This grocery store is actually a co-op you can buy into, but even better, PCC offers tons of local brands and delicious produce. We shop at QFC quite a lot too, but a PCC is walking distance from our house and happens to serve the world's most addicting pasta salad (other than my mother in law's, of course).
we bought this whole outfit at Childish Things

also, all of his coats and most of his sweaters

also, almost all of his blue jeans and gap button ups. for a third of the price?

2. Childish Things- 10002 Holman Road- This small kids consignment store stocks about half of my son's wardrobe (the other big chunk is from Goodwill and hand me downs). They have a great selection of used clothes, toys, blankets, and baby holders, and you can save so much money shopping there. You can get Aden and Anais blankets for under ten dollars and gap or Boden clothes on the cheap. This week, I bought 2 toddler sweatshirts, a rain jacket, sweatshorts, and two tops for me for under 50 bucks. They also carry my beloved Green Toys and Lifefactory bottles among many other baby and kid products.  You can check them out on Yelp here.

so prego and so happy in this picture. 

3. The Butcher and the Baker- 6412 Latona- This Green Lake restaurant gets a lot of buzz for their brunch (and for good reason- that fried chicken breakfast is amazing), but our family became regulars because of their daily weekly fare- sandwiches and their cool, very friendly atmosphere. You can see them making things of scratch and preparing their meats in the small and open restaurant. I am addicted to their "Old Friend" sandwich, a delicious variation on the BLT. They really make you feel at home in the space, and they always check in on us and remember our baby's name while we are there. And, again, the food is delicious. I also like the chocolate chip cookie. Check them out on Yelp here.

4. Skagit Valley Bacon- We bought this bacon at University Farmer's Market, and now all other bacon just doesn't compare. It is so good, so much more delicious and bacon-y than what you can get at a grocery store. The Boy learned at a cooking class the bacon is part boar (yes, it has a reputation in Seattle for it's amazingness). If we ever move, I don't know how we will do without it. If you come to see us (or anyone) in Seattle, refuse to leave until you are fed this bacon.

5. Seattle Chocolates- Seattle is known for its coffee culture, but I think it has its own chocolate culture as well- you will hear a lot of praise for Frans Chocolate and Theo Chocolates, and rightly so. What they are doing is really cool, though Theo chocolates are basically just too sophisticated for me. The company is owned by a woman (love that) and their factory gives tours, so you can see exactly how and where they are made (Theo does this too- it's a real thing in Seattle). Maybe more mainstream, but I don't need my chocolate to be complicated- just delicious.

6. Seattle Recreative- This store sells used art supplies, so you can get a gigantic stack of construction paper for 50 cents. We bought a lot of The Bub's birthday party supplies at this store, and everything we bought (wood letters, paper and stamps for the invitation, so much stuff) cost less than ten dollars. This organization's goal is to keep things out of the trash, out of landfills, and I love it.

Want to write your own Loving the Local List? You fill my heart with joy! Just send me a list of your five to ten favorite local brands and stores (it doesn't have to be just around the street- a State specific snack or small chain of restaurants works just fine). Write a few sentences on why you love each thing (and I love pictures if you have them) and send them to

Would you like to buy more environmentally responsible or Made in America products? I've got you covered! Check out my Mega List of Shopping Lists for tons of ideas for any shopping trip.

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