Some Things to Feel Good About- New Clean Energies, Organic Pesticides, and Seaweed

by - Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I try to keep on top of the news around the environment, but I often cannot stand to read so much depressing news stories in a row. I am suspicious that this constant onslaught of bad news stomps out our motivation to try, because the problem just feels too big. On this blog, I am trying to propose an environmentalism that is personally sustainable- a bunch of little changes we can all keep up with, and I want to focus on the positive, not because I won't readily admit the problems we face are huge and important, but because good things are happening. It's worth focusing on and feeling empowered, because the changes we make CAN make a difference.

1. New Energy Sources- Two other possible energy options have been announced this week and both sound really cool. At Ohio State's Laboratory of Sound and Vibrations have figured out how to turn the movement of trees from the wind into energy. You can read all about it here. Awesome! Also, Underwater technology is using the ocean's movement for energy without disturbing the sealife. You can read about it here.

from Ecosnippets
2. Organic Pesticides- We are all about growing things on the blog this month, but it can be such a slog to try to keep the weeds at bay. I understand why people use things like Round Up, but we no longer will, because the chemicals in the pesticides have proven to be very bad for children's developing brains. Really bad. Products like Round Up can also kill insects that we really don't want to lose- bees and butterflies. This is all a bummer, but you can find organic pesticide recipes and solutions floating around on the internet. You can see that organic or pesticide-free produce has blasted off in popularity, and organic farming has shown tremendous growth (300%) in the past 15 years. Just another way to see our small changes paying off in big cultural shifts. You tell companies what you tolerate with what you buy!

3. Seaweed Packaging- Have you seen this yet? This plastic alternative might soon be taking over. Rather than awful plastic which will basically last forever, these water bottles and tupperware will biodegrade and re-feed the Earth. So excited about this idea and the serious possibility it will happen!

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