3 Things- Doors, Bracelets, and Soccer

by - Wednesday, April 06, 2016

from The Art Factory

1. The Art Factory- Our old trusty ottoman finally has succumbed to a pretty enthusiastic toddler, so I have been researching Made in America furniture so we can replace it with a new storage ottoman to hide his toys in. I have found some cool options (The Old Wood Co looks really amazing), but I also found this artisan collective called the Art Factory that makes some of the coolest doors and handles I have ever seen. They also restore old objects others might see as junk into beautiful home decor. You know when someone has an amazing door and you wonder where the heck you would get that sort of thing? This place might be it. I love it, and I am sure we can never afford something like that, but it's neat to know it exists.

2. My Not so New Bracelet-  Such a special birthday gift and it is so pretty and unique!

3. The Women's National Soccer Team- Go ladies. Never has wage discrimination so clear cut and obviously ridiculous. They win more and make their owners more money, so why is their paycheck and travel stipend so much smaller than their male counterparts? Ridiculous. So glad they are standing up for themselves, making them role models for women and girls in one more way. So excited they are going for this, and wishing them lots of success. Everyone should be paying attention to this lawsuit.

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