3 Things I Love Today- USA Love List, Plane Tickets, and Dinosaur Tails

by - Tuesday, October 20, 2015

1. USA Love List- I think this website is exactly what I would want to do if I had infinite time to work on a blog. I have been researching this stuff all over the place, but tonight I realized they have a pinterest, and I learned all sorts of things poking around on it! Before you click click on Amazon, you might check these girls.

2. Buying Plane Tickets- We are going to New Zealand!! First ticket is bought and the last continent will be visited before I turn 30. It is a negotiation, but the exciting kind. Happy happy happy.

from Kid Hub
3. Kid Hub's Dinosaur Tail- We bought this dinosaur tail for a Halloween costume, and it is the new favorite toy in the house (well, maybe second to the flashlight and a bottle of lanolin). She was so awesome she even made the strap a little bit longer so it would fit one of the adults in our house. Because why should kids be the only dragons anyway?

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