3 Things- GoToob, Flashlight Baby, and Sharing Chicken Nuggets

by - Saturday, October 17, 2015

Today, I decided the unspoken reason to marry is that adulthood is just the worst (THE WORST!), but if you marry someone, you have a partner to stand in long lines with and to help you remember what that thing was we meant to buy. Who doesn't need someone to turn to when life becomes a sucky pile of errands and todo's? At least you don't have to do it alone. Our baby is having a swell time ET-ing strangers which makes it all that much more infuriating. When my optimism gives out (which doesn't happen too often), The Boy to my left will agree to cover our humdrums with sugar and fried goods. That's love.

1. GoToob- I was just wondering why you can't get refillable travel bottles instead of those cute little ones we always buy (and waste so much plastic). Then, walking through the store, there they were! In all their plastic-saving glory! It filled me with such joy I had to take a picture. GoToob comes in lots of sizes and is food-safe (if you wanted to put condiments in them? Can't live without that ketchup?). They are made in China, so big bummer there, but I think if you used them exclusively, they'd do enough good to really make it worth it. I did find a recycled version as well on Amazon.

2. Baby with a Flashlight- Why do they even make baby toys? He would much rather play with a flashlight, a receipt, or a cardboard box.  This cliche earns its keep, because this child would live in a garbage can.

3. Giving Up- Not a good look, but some days, you just need to throw your hands up and saunter over to McDonald's. We also tried Dick's for the first time and fell for the ice cream and french fries (when we surrender to the horrors of adulthood, we surrender with gusto. We will dance with that white flag and cover it in lardy glory!) Do other people have traditions for when adulthood beats them into a sad little beigey pulp of to do's?

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