Busy Trips Home and Crazy Days Back

by - Saturday, October 17, 2015

I have behind on my 3 Things, and I think I might TRY to make it a little less formulaic. We'll see. Try not to get your hopes up too high, because I would hate to crush all your dreams of more editorializing on my own existence. Just what you've been pining for, am I right?

The more we travel with the Bub (which is a lot for having a very small person), the more I can see it takes a lot longer to tip the scales back to normal when we get back. There is no such thing as recovery time anymore! It took me 3 days to write this blog! It didn't help that we had car dramas, peps dramas, and a compulsive need to refinish tables (all in 2 days). How do people recover after trips? What do you do to get back in the swing of things?

Even with the slower bounce back, I have lots of things I am excited about and grateful for:

1. Our Airport Chocolate Mission-  I have recently abandoned my Hershey Kisses and pop flying motivation (oddly enough, I am scared of flying!) because Hershey Kisses aren't even made in Hershey anymore! So, we instead have set a new challenge where we eat whatever local chocolate we can find at airports. Eventually, I should be able to rank American cities on chocolate, and goals like that can only be good. I like Seattle Chocolates over Spokeandy and Theo Chocolates, but the least beloved thus far are Cleveland Buckeyes. Not good peanut butter fillings.

2. Pennsylvania Foliage (but not the word Foliage)- When we go back to our hometown, most of what I appreciate is that feeling of community which we really don't have in our daily lives in the city and I really miss it. But, in the fall, I mostly miss the leaves. Who needs small town awkward grocery store run ins when you can have all that color for a few weeks? Glad we could see it this year.

3. King's Brunch- Now that they are owned by some San Diego company, they have a "Pittsburgh" theme. It is truly stupid, but they still give you a lifetime supply of ranch with your cheese and french fry-topped salad, so they clearly understand the meaning of Hartley's vision. Do you think the corporate overlords have noticed that the Barkeyville bathrooms say "KKK?"

4. Twirling- If my soul has an age, it is five years old. I just get the need to twirl at football practices. I want to be this girl when I grow up.

5. The Old Pool- You know that feeling when you go back to somewhere you loved as a kid and it looks so tiny? Like walking through your old elementary school? I am growing to love that feeling.

6. Eva Franco- Ok, things aren't totally working in this look, but don't blame Eva. She knows a print, she loves a waist, and she is Made in America (mostly, so always check). This felt super flashy for me, but I felt pretty and can't wait to wear it again. You can find her on Modcloth's Made in the USA tab.

7. Coolspring Corn Maze- We headed to a corn maze with the fam, expecting to see lots of corn. But that was just the beginning! Clearly this corn maze in Mercer is just exploding, and there is a ton to see and do here (plus, the dinosaurs are shockingly well done). Extremely cool, and pretty fun, though you can tell even they weren't expecting their exponential increase in popularity (time to build a bathroom building, guys. 4 porta potties to a thousand people is going to create the scariest attraction in your park). Bizarre and wonderful.

8. Watching People Turn Down Straws or Seeing Recycled Paper Goods in their House- Let's be honest, this blog is mostly for family members, so if some of my family is making those kinds of little changes, then this thing has the teeniest legs. We all make little differences in our world! Even more exciting is that we can all make positive differences!

9. Spooky Pookie- You can actually find some board books printed nearby! Way to go Sandra Boyton.

10. DIA's Green Initiatives- They are reducing waste, cuttingg down on water, and generally kicking ass. Makes me question how green the other airports are. Could you choose your layovers based on which airports are being ethical and responsible? Not sure, but the question is on my mind now.

11. Root Down-  We are also trying to try a new airport restaurant every place we go, so I can compile a list of our favorites. Our new Denver favorite serves awesome brunch sandwiches and uses  some local ingredients (don't tell me that's a denver avocado in this guacomole, but it's delicious, so I'll take it). If you are in DIA, Check it out!

12. Taking it Easy- Nothing cures jet lag like re-sanding a table. I have started to realize we are not successful relaxers, but I don't understand how people who relax get things done. Or learn things. I am happy to be busy to the point of insanity rather than being bored,

13. A Quiet Saturday Morning to Finish this Blog- The boys are both still sleeping. It's almost tragic how excited I am to finish this blog and High Society without them. I will be happy to see them once they are up, but I am happy for the time now too.

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