3 Things for Yesterday- Jane the Virgin, Lola and Stella, and Oranges

by - Friday, October 23, 2015

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1. Jane the Virgin- I finally broke away from my food reality television and started binge watching something else while I look for birthday decorations and Made in America cheese graters. Holy shit, so good! It perfectly balances 13 tones at once and has made me laugh multiple times. Go watch it, and then you can thank me. I am not too far in yet, but it is all kinds of insane and hilarious, feminist and Christian, and has the best narrator in the history of television (eat that, Ron Howard).

2. Lola and Stella Fox Leggings- This etsy store has been one of my faves to wistfully peruse, and I finally bought one pair of leggings. Adorable and soft. I made sure to get something gender neutral too, so they can have a long life with lots of babies.

3. Cuties, Sweeties, and All Other Dorky Tiny Oranges- The Bub has been biting into them like apples. And he eats the peels. This child will eat literally anything. The world is food to him. I respect that.

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  1. Yes! Just started watching Jane the Virgin a few weeks ago. It is amazing. Unfortunately, all of season one isn't available to view online :(



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