Bumpwatch- Week 28

by - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ack! I thought I posted this two days ago. Aunt Rene, I am sorry!

How Far Along: 28 Weeks, so hello third trimester! So far, the only differences I see are that Summer Sanders is much nicer on the work out video, and when I see myself in the mirror, I feel like a blimp of a woman (I don't know if it works this way for everyone, but I mentally think of myself as the same, then I see myself in a mirror or a picture, and I am still surprised). Also, Bumbo Baby all the sudden seems much bigger, not in a bad way, just in a "wow, you can really see him move from the outside" kind of way. According to the bump, this is because he is an eggplant.

Best Moment of the Week: The Baby Shower! My mom and cousin Shelly put on such a fun party for us with the planning of my Aunt Ann and decorating from my Aunt Rene. Everybody destroyed their jobs, so the food was awesome, the decorations were actually steampunk travel themed (who knew you could even really do such a thing!), and I felt like the games were genuinely fun. Also, The Boy's mom made a baby out of fruit. I was so touched that my family put so much time and effort into our party, and I was even more touched at how many people came to celebrate with us. Having a co-ed shower might seem like a stretch, but lots of our guy cousins and other gentlemen relatives came and enthusiastically played the games. Melissa traveled all the way from Colorado, and Shelly (and her angel friend Amber) drove up from Tennessee for this, and that means the world to me.

 I just felt really blessed, but even more, I felt excited that our baby has a lot of genuine love and enthusiasm around him. When you are going to raise kids so far from family, nothing feels better than seeing so many people who will put in the effort and who will show up for your family, and I hope that I am one of those people for your families as well (if not, kick my butt into gear!). Bumbo Baby Gort is going to have such a strange, hilarious, and wonderful collection of people around him, and that has to be one of the biggest, most beautiful revelations around the baby shower. I feel in a weird way like I know this very sassy dancing eggplant parasite living directly on top of my bladder, and I really can't wait for these caring people to meet him too. 

Most Interesting Prego Quirk:  Baby shower gift opening is cuter, but also more pressure. To be honest, this part feels like so much pressure, because you can't seem too excited for one gift and not excited for the next. I just freeze up, but the nicest thing was that the gifts themselves are entertaining in their adorable babiness, and The Boy was there, so at least all eyes weren't on me. I don't know how to sidestep this challenge of the shower, but at least for the first time, you can kind of lean on the impending cuteness of your child. The speculation becomes concrete in the forms of onesies and baby hats, so you don't have to talk about the name or the gender for a minute.

I Would Really Like Some: Something other than the anniversary cake I made, which is no good. It feels like a shame when we have an excuse to eat sweets and they aren't even good. I mean, what kind of nonsense is that? I have been asking over and over again to go get seafood ravioli's (just like a lobster ravioli in a cream sauce, doesn't that sound good?) but thus far it has fallen on deaf ears both to the Boy and to the universe, because forbidden cheeses always get in the way. Curses!
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About:  This is a small but remarkable thing, everyone buys you clothes for the first three months of the baby's life (let's face it, they are cutely small but not cutely cute at this age in most cases). You come out of a shower with a seemingly endless supply of 0-3 month clothes, and you are sure you can trade some of it in for your baby once he or she grows, but according to my mother, they need a lot of clothes. How this can be true is beyond me (I mean, can't you just wrap them in a blanket?) but I know I will learn. Janet says keep it all.

And The Boy?: I think he really enjoyed the shower, though he seems convinced the baby doesn't need much clothes. Please let my son be as cool as his dad about going to "girl stuff" and wearing a big ribbon the whole time. You have to love a man who is pumped to get his own gussed up business. He did not win the games, so he felt disappointed about that.

Looking Forward to: Leaving for our babymoon! This is the last big thing to look forward to before we are just stuck in the house, waiting to empty out this uterus. I am way excited to go to New Orleans (we have never been) and to eat lots and lots of delicious food. 

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