Bumpwatch- Week 29

by - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

How Far Along: 29 weeks! The size of an acorn squash. Supposedly, he is getting pudgier and smarter. He also really loves Otis Redding and early morning dance parties. I also read a disgusting statistic about how much he pees in me a day which I think is causing some real beef between us.

Best Moment of the Week: Our Babymoon! We headed on our last plane trip to New Orleans to just focus on each other (I'm lying, we went to buy inappropriate beads and eat). We succeeded in all our goals, had a pretty laid back trip for us, and explored the French Quarter. Hopefully, my amniotic fluid tasted delicious and we can raise our spawn on spicy deliciousness. Definitely our best food trip ever, and we had a great time, even if I couldn't have a hurricane. I think taking a final pre-baby trip was a genius idea (I am sure it was a marketing ploy, but I don't care), and I am so glad we did it.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk:  I have the sniffles all the time now. This is a separate issue from embarrassing weeping (especially at Baby Yoga). Your body is trying to keep infection out, and this part never stops, so you just end up having sniffles all the time to push out germs.  I also feel like I am covered in fuzz, and my belly button is doing something never before seen in nature . It's amazing how gross you can be in so many ways at once (but drunk strangers will still tell you you're cute).

I Would Really Like Some: Man, it's hard to think of much after a weekend of eating all the time in New Orleans. We ate so much! I would like to have a pomegranate Jamba Juice. I would also like to have a Mai Tai (yes, still) and like a whole loaf of french bread. Eat n Park cookies. A ham sandwich. Basically, I am just building a list of things in my head I could reunite with once the spawn is born.
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About:  Even when you feel like some new twist in your pregnancy is a really huge bummer, your doctor will (and should) remain underwhelmed. I felt this week like things stopped being all fun and started getting real, but no one else seems worried (no one else in real life- you can find someone freaking out about anything on the internet). This is obviously a good thing, because my doctor's lack of alarm just puts things into perspective. You may be having the hardest week of your pregnancy, but it's somebody else's easiest week, so buck up.

And The Boy?:He has decided that BBG's best friend is named Blad, because if the little parasite is up and moving, I am heading back to the bathroom as soon as I return. The Boy says BBG wakes up and immediately hugs his best friend Blad (think Vlad, but more like an essential human organ). When Blad shrinks, BBG freaks out and hugs him even more. Apparently Bumbo Baby is incredibly clingy as a friend, and has a real fear of desertion, because all he wants is for poor shrinking Blad to get up and play with him.

We babymooned, and it was good. We had an awesome time, but we overestimated the amount we could eat without feeling horrible. I was shocked to see how sad he seemed when the weekend was over, because I think we are now out of distractions. This is happening, so maybe we should start putting furniture together and figuring out exactly how to keep this person alive when he gets here.

Looking Forward to: Our moms being here! The Boy's mom bought her tickets for when the baby comes, and I don't think anything more exciting could have happened. I feel like it will be so comforting to have our moms here to learn from and get support from. I feel really lucky that his parents will be here for both of us, but especially for him, because I really can't decide whether he will be elatedly silly, epically afraid, or tapped right back into his middle child baby-hating. 

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