3 Things Yesterday- Knitting, Tattoos, How Crappy the Taste Is

by - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1. Knitting- I am practically ok at it now! I still don't know how to finish things, so I need to watch some youtube videos on how to finish it off.

from davidhale.org/
2.This tattoo- Beautiful. One of the prettiest ones ever, and I love the puzzle piece.
3.Just how bad the Taste is- You know I love a cooking competition show, but that one was a totally boring. And unlikable. And some of those people I love! And yet, so bad! And Brian Malarky is an unnatural color.

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  1. to finish - knit 2 stitches, then pull the back one over the front one and off the needle.. then after you knit the last stitch, cut the yarn about 3 inches, thread that thru the last stitch and pull tight. after that you can sew the ends into the side, or you could knot it (some fancy-pants knitters will say knotting yarn is sacrilegious, but i do it bc my yarn won't stay sewn in) and ta-da! finished.
    oh you need a yarn needle to sew your ends, its a big plastic needle



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