3 Things- Drugs, Paper Bag Princesses, and Knitting Fingers

by - Saturday, January 12, 2013

1. Drugs- went to the doctor this morning, and we have stepped up the medication. I am feeling much better already. Can't wait to be done being sick?

from www.pinterest.com/jsstalder/

from meaganhamel.com/2011/09/paper-bag-princess-does-laundry/
from whimsydarling.com/paper-bag-princess-costume/

from asubtlerevelry.com/5-easy-paper-bag-halloween-costumes
from www.pinterest.com/alannahgitis/misc/
from andrewtodd.wordpress.com/

from www.lelola.net/cosplay/paperbagprincess/index.html
2. Paperbag Princess Costumes- Did anyone else know this was a thing? Because it is AMAZING. Best children's book ever.
3. Knitting fingers- I had no idea all my life that my Grammy's fingers must be hurting. Does it mean I haven't mastered knitting that a day of trying hurts me so much? Clearly just another way for my guilt to manifest. Let us all sit in waiting for my nervous breakdown, because I am expecting it in the next few days or so. Almost had it in the line at the pharmacy, when I decided my cold was just me losing the mental games against myself and self-destructing intellectually. My phlegm insists it is just about it (and lack of sleep). Anyone want to fix my proposal for me? And if so, I really could have used your help months ago.

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  1. loosen your grip on the needles :) relax your hands, relax your shoulders. are your stitches tight too? that's a good indicator you're too tense. knitting is suppose to be relaxing!! (but i've had this problem too hehe)



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