Wedding Wednesday (on Friday)- Finding Something not Too Matronly for the MOB

by - Saturday, June 02, 2012

Yesterday my Mom came to visit so we could go to the first dress fitting (which went awesome!) and try to find my mom a dress. First, we realized that the majority of the choices, once you say mother of the bride, look like this:

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 The lady at Epiphany Bridal (who is super awesome, by the way) had my mom try on one of these, and I was shocked that she actually liked it. She said it felt comfortable! I had to think of as many possible nice ways as I could to say she looked like an old lady. Actually, what getups like this say to me is "I give up." I can see that it is comfortable, but I think  if you just something with a little shape, you probably end up feeling a lot better about the pictures later.

I guess technically my mom is old enough to be a grandma, but I sure don't think she looks like one. She is super vibrant and fun, and I'd like to get a dress that shows off that spirit. I mean, clearly I am biased, but I think my Mom is one of the most beautiful women I know; I take it as a huge compliment when people say I look like her. I also think she looks really good, but you have to frame the body in the right way to show that off. She is mostly very streamlined and fuss-free in her look, but I think that the best way to show off a woman's body is to accent her waist, so we are looking for dresses that show that off. She also really would like to cover her arms.Here are a few of the things we are thinking about:

She only tried on a few things at Epiphany Bridal, but we decided we liked it a little below the knee and in chiffon. She actually tried the dress on the right, which was taffeta and had a big collar. I thought it was adorable, but my mom was not feeling the super stiff fabric and the really big collar. Still, the basic setup seems like the right direction to me. I am obsessed with this dress by Ivy and Aster, which I think would make for a great MOB dress. I just love the length and the cinch at the waist (which would probably hide some things too). Just adorable, but I think she wants something that covers more chest and arms.


J Crew, where we got the bridesmaid dresses, also has some dresses I think would be fabulous for a MOB. I still am trying to talk my mom into this number, which I think has a good cinch at the waist and would cover her arms. My Mom's only complaint is that she thinks it might be too short.

 In a lot of ways, that is the real challenge of helping your mom pick a dress- I really want her to feel beautiful, and part of that is feeling comfortable. I love this one (which is conveniently in our bridesmaid dress color in this pic... but we would pick a different color) because of the flouncy skirt and the light fabric. Of course, it doesn't totally cover the arm and it is still a little short, so I am not sure it is a winner even though I love it.

 Last J Crew option. I think we could get something like this and then cut it slightly shorter and give her some sort of cardigan? This is the color I think we would pick too, or a grey but my mom feels weirdly strong about no gray. Especially for someone who mostly only wears neutrals. 

This dress, from Watters, is the winner in my opinion- the dress underneath is actually fitted, curve hugging in a good way, with a jacket over it. The dress she liked the best was chiffon from watters, and we can get it in a great red color. I think I might see if we can get this jacket with that dress (my mom liked the lower neckline).

 I was sad that we didn't find something that clicked perfectly, because we don't have a ton of time for shopping, but at least we have a much better idea of what we want.We will just keep at it until we find something, because I think she feels like she has to try it on before she can buy it, which is the challenge with the J Crew and Watters dresses. Still, I think there are a bunch of good options, as long as you dont start your search with MOB dress. People should embrace their bodies, but they have to feel good too. Hence, our challenge!

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