Wedding Wednesday- The Last Big Creative Debate:The Dance Floor

by - Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Boy and I have been putting off figuring out how to deck out the dancefloor for a long time, but it has become probably our biggest goal for the month of June. I mean, st some point you have to figure it out. We have talked about the challenge of the whole building before, but we have decided to hang a lot (A LOT) of white twinkly lights to hopefully be the primary lighting.

But the truth is that Anchor Village has a lot of character and some real eye sores, so you have to create some focal points and we would like the dance floor to be one.  We also aren't getting an actual dance floor, so we have to make it super clear where you are supposed to dance.

If I had endless money (and help. we will need a lot of help to make this happen), we would have something like this- a giant constellation of  brightly colored paper lanterns. But the ceiling is so high where we are that anything we hang will have to be strung across, so our paper lanterns would inevitably look more orderly. Plus since we don't have some staff of help, I am sure we could not make such a dramatic statement with eight hours of work.

Still you can't tell me that isn't super pretty. I mean, someday when I am a billionare (because art history brings in the big bucks). So after we settled that the ideal is unfeasible, we have to make a choice- do a smaller scale version of this? The positives in that is that we still get lots of pretty color out of the light and it will be more dramatic and bright. The challenge is making it dramatic enough to be interesting, it is more costly, and it assumes we will have lots of help for decorating (which more and more feels like may not be the case).

The other option is to double or triple up on the white lights just over the dance floor and then hang big tissue paper flowers over the dance floor. My worry is that it will block the light onto the floor and that we are getting overkill on the craftiness, but the big pro is that I already bought a truck load of tissue paper, so we have the majority of the supplies already. Tissue paper flowers are going to haunt everyone's dreams after this wedding if we go this route though.

I also like the combo here of tissue puff balls and long ribbon chandeliers. So cute!  Anyway, we are still looking at other options (like a ribbon light combo liek the picture below) but we just need to make our decision and plan and move on! It's execute time!

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