Puppy Jealousy- Waiting for our Goldendoodle!

by - Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Boy's brother and his wife just got their new boxer puppy Hera who is absolutely adorable. Playing with this very sweet young puppy makes me so excited to get our puppy someday, even though as long as we are in this apartment, it's not going to happen! Someday we will get a puppy as cute as these ones:

from goldendoodletown.com/

from www.goldendoodlebreederlist.com/

from indulgy.com/post/h2jdfyne02/goldendoodle

from www.dreamydoodles.com/puppy-training-tips/
from www.countrysidedoodles.com/Doodle_Available_Puppies.html

from jobspapa.com/goldendoodle-puppies-for-sales.html

from dogs.wikia.com/wiki/GoldenDoodles

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