Three Super Easy Ways to Help the Environment this Week

by - Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Three Super Easy Ways to Help the Environment this Week

It's Earth month! So I have been thinking a lot about what we can be doing for the planet, and the options feel HARD. I mean, plastic pollution, climate change, environmental injustice- these problems are freaking huge!

Now, I know we can all do hard things, and I believe we can do hard things, but we can also do easy things.

 I love a good low bar, and sometimes small victories lead to big ones! So here are 3 super easy things for my to do list this week:

1. Write your reps to support the Break Free from Plastic Act. 

No need to write anything yourself, just go to the Greenpeace webpage:

This act is huge for environmental justice, and puts the responsibility for plastic waste right where it belongs- companies and manufacturers. This act would create a necessity for companies to abandon so much of that wasteful packaging. You can read all about the act and sign the letters to congresspeople. You can add a little something, or just fill out the form and press send. So easy.

2. Sign up for an Earth Day event

It may just be time to volunteer again! Sign up for one day of volunteering to take care of the environment you live in and love most. Look for planting, weeding, or litter picking! If you are in Seattle, check out Washington Coast Savers or Green Seattle Partnership for volunteering and educational events. I truly want to go to everything on the Green Seattle list for this year.

Don't have anything going on near you? Start something! It doesn't have to be huge- just ask a few friends to do a litter pick up walk with you!

3. Get Growing and Plant Something!

Anyone else so excited to start growing for spring? Even if your home doesn't have any green space, you can start a little herb garden or a pollinator garden for a balcony. Don't have any space? Get some wildflower seeds and leave a trail of beauty for the bees!

What's the easiest thing you are doing for the planet this week?

Three Super Easy Ways to Help the Environment this Week

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