100 Online Shops to Try Instead of Amazon

by - Monday, November 16, 2020


It's time to branch out from Amazon. I know in 2020, I have leaned on Amazon more, but for the holidays, my goal is to put all of our money towards other businesses. 

Maybe you want to join me. Even if you can't imagine stopping completely, you can still mix it up!

We know that Jeff Bezos the owner and Amazon the company both pay a shockingly low amount of taxes, while simultaneously squeezing out so many small and local businesses (including shipping companies and the post office as well). Much like the Waltons, Bezos's pile of money because huger and huger, but both owners treat their workers pretty poorly. Not only this, but items from Amazon or infamous for not being packaged in sustainable ways. All in all, lots of room to improve. 

It's been an endlessly rough season for small businesses, so it makes sense that you would want to help them out this year, instead of helping Jeff Bezos or the Waltons become even more excessively rich. 

Like I am said, I am guilty of this too- this blog regularly features Amazon links (and encouragement to use their secondhand options), because I have just been afraid that sending you to a bunch of different websites will make it more complicated, and therefore more difficult to have early successes that help you start to change. I am excited to share this link from now on, so you know exactly where else you can find the things we recommend. 

As always, no one person can do everything, but everyone can do something. The goal doesn't have to be perfection, but shifting even half of your shopping this year could make a major difference. 

Not everything here will be as cheap, but that could very well be a sign that the people working there are treated significantly better. Not everything will come as fast, but that is better for the environment. Not every site will be filled with eco/ethical stuff, but they are usually not owned by mega billionaires, adding to the destructive gap between the richest and the poorest. 

This is all to say, there is no other site that will fit perfectly, but like so many things, don't let not being perfect keep you from doing some good. I don't have a perfect answer for everything, but I have some good options. ALWAYS REMEMBER - If you find something you like on Amazon, you can look it up- lots of brands and companies have their own websites, so you can buy it directly from them as well. 

So let's get started. 

Start Local! 

Keep your money where you live, building up your community, providing jobs, and more. Every dollar to Walmart or Amazon will never see your area again. Even small communities often have other options available, we just have to commit to using them. 

1. Your local shops- Before you look anywhere else, take stock of what is available where you are. Every dollar you spend at a locally owned business stays in your community. Every dollar you spend at huge brands like Walmart and Amazon will never come back. So do your research, ask around to friends, and strategically spend your money to support your community. 

2. Your Local Thrift Shops- Buying secondhand locally is the best way to minimize your impact. It uses less fossil fuels, makes less waste, and supports a local business. It's the best choice there is for the environment. 

3. Facebook Marketplace, Buy Nothing, and Other Local Groups - You can find so much secondhand just by using social media groups for buying and selling. It cuts down on waste, shipping, and it saves you money. 

4. Subscribe to a Local CSA - After you find shops in your area, you can also look to see if there are local CSA's to support local farmers. We know that Walmart has been strategically pushing out local dairy farms especially, so you can do a lot of good for your local farmers by buying from them first. 

5. Local Museum Bookstores - Everyone has been hurting this year. A great way to help the institutions you care about (but cannot go to) this year is to shop from their stores. Many museums and centers have gift shops online. It might be a great place to buy gifts from! Another gift option that helps your local businesses? Gift cards and certificates- especially for those restaurants you love! 

Secondhand Shopping

If you find something you like on Amazon, my best advice is to just go find it somewhere else. Many companies have their own websites now, so you can buy directly from them. Another great option? Look the item up on a secondhand site. 

6. eBay- Sometimes local shops are short on options, but you can find almost anything on eBay. Just be sure to mark you only want to see pre-owned things. 

7. Thred Up - You never have to waste money on clothes and shoes again. Huge collections of things to buy for feminine clothes and children's clothes.

8. Poshmark - Another resource for secondhand clothes. This one is especially great if you have something specific in mind, and they also do masculine clothes, so that is helpful. 

9. Gadget Salvation - This is a site that buys and sells secondhand electronics. If you know what you want, don't mind if it isn't the newest thing, or just need to save money, this is a great resource.  

10. Offer Up - This website and app is a lot like Facebook Marketplace, without all the Zuckerburg nonsense. You can post or shop pretty locally, and get what you need for a lot less. 

Small Businesses

If you are trying to avoid Amazon, chances are you are aware that small businesses are hurting. Here are some online spaces to support small businesses and fair trade practices. Be sure to check with the shops near you first! 

11. Etsy - This website has thousands of independent artists and makers with small shops. There are great vintage style shops, personalized gift shops, and zero waste homegoods shops. I love this website so much, and I have found wonderful gifts there. When I shop for gifts, I start here and eBay. For a list of our favorite Etsy shops, check here

12. Uncommon Goods - This is a super fun site to browse, with tons of gift, perishables, body stuff, and decor that will be huge hits.

13. The Little Market- This amazing non-profit shop is dedicated to making women through the world economically self-sufficient. Many of their products also support particular causes like the environment, disability rights, domestic violence, and more. 

14. Adorned Abode - This sweet home goods and gift store is owned by a Black woman, and it features fair-trade and small business-made items. 

15. Ten Thousand Villages - This store is committed to taking care of the environment and making sure all the makers who create their goods make a fair, living wage. Their overall mission is to help develop communities through craft, and they have so many fun and special things in their store. 

Eco Stores

If you don't shop low waste stores yet, they are so worth trying out. Some of the upfront costs are higher, but many of the items are infinitely reusable, so they save major money in the end. 

16. Marley's Monsters - This store offers zero waste options for kitchen and bathroom, for beauty, and for snack storage.  I love them. We have napkins, snack packs, unsponges, and bowl covers, and we love them all. 

17. Plaine Products - I have used this made in America and zero waste shampoo and conditioner for years now, and I love it. Perfect if bar shampoo isn't working for you, but they also have soaps and face care. 

18. Tiny Yellow Bungalow - This zero waste store and blog is one of my favorites. Perfect for the basics you need and tons of great insight about how to live a lower impact life. 

19. The Refill Revolution - This Colorado-based zero waste store has lots of great household items, but my favorite part is they will send you refill pouches for your soaps, shampoos, and cleaning supplies. 

20. Earth Hero - This is another excellent stop if you are looking for zero waste options for the things you already use wear out. You may be surprised all the things you can find zero waste options for- every soap, cleaner, bag, and bottle imaginable. 

21. Conserv-A-Store - This store is mostly for eco-friendly gardening and outdoor care. 

22. Package Free Shop - This is one of the most mainstream zero-waste shops, owned by one of the most popular zero-waste bloggers. They do have a subscribe and save section, which may help you replace some of those Amazon subscriptions. 

23. EcoRoots - This plastic-free shop gives 1% of everything they make to the Ocean Conservancy. I love their bath and beauty section, but there is a lot to browse here (and they even have holiday gift guides).

24. Eco-Friendly Mama - This site has a buying club together where you can get eco-friendly and made in America options. There is also a facebook group, which I love to follow, because I learn a lot. 

Things for Kids

We have tons of lists about what to buy kids and where, but my biggest advice is to start with eBay, ThredUp, and your local consignment shops. Most everything your kids need or want can be found secondhand. You will save money, help the environment, and you can still find most of what they want. 

24. City Threads- Kids cotton basics manufactured in Los Angeles. Their clothes are a favorite in our house, and their masks are apparently the favorite of the New York Times. 

25. Green Toys - You can buy all of these excellent toys right on their website, you don't need Amazon to do it. 

26. Fat Brain Toys - This online toy shop has a huge collection (some more eco-friendly than most), but it can be a good place to browse.

27. Babylist - A great resource for tons of baby things. This has the same one stop shop appeal as a big store, and you can find most of what you want in one place (pssst.... look secondhand first. Buying new baby stuff for someone to poop and puke on is absolute foolishness). 

28. Winter Water Factory - This Brooklyn-based kids clothing company makes great basics with really fun and beautiful print. We have a few things from them that have successfully lasted through three boys.

29. Wonderbly - Personalized books for kids that are so special and fun. Perfect if you are looking for a really special gift. 

30. Carousel Designs - Bedding for kids and babies, all manufactured in the USA. 

31. HearthSong - Another online toy store, with so many brilliant toys I have never seen anywhere else. There are so many good ideas on here, though I can't find much information about where and how they are made. 


I love books. I just wrote a huge list of our favorite children's books. The truth is, you don't need to buy hardly any of them new. You can find almost any book secondhand or from a smaller bookseller. 

32. Goodwill Books - Looking for a particular book, movie, or game? Try here first! The selection is huge- I am always surprised at what I can find.

33. Powell's Books - Portland's giant store is the biggest independent bookshop in the US, and their online space is AWESOME, offering both new and used books. I also love their book recommendations.

34. Thriftbooks - Another great shop for secondhand books. Really makes you question why you have been wasting all that money on new, right?

35. Bookshop - This online bookstore sends a percentage of the earnings to local bookstores and tells their buyers which local bookstores are near them. They are basically trying to replace Amazon and redirect people to smaller bookstores near them. Kind of a cool option if you don't know what is local to you. 

36. Brave and Kind Books - This children's book shop offer a variety of books or you can buy curated boxes from them, which I think is such a cool option. I read about them on this list of independent Black booksellers on Red Tricycle. Check it out to find out who you can support in your state. 


We often get the message that all clothes are made in other countries, but there are tons of smaller companies making their clothes here in the US or using fair trade practices. Here is a huge list of brands and shops to look for, but here are some of my favorite spots. 

37. Everlane - Feminine and Masculine Clothes that focus on transparency for their whole supply chain. They also use recycled fabrics for coats and shoes. 

38. Pact - Fair trade and organic, this is our first stop for the few things we won't get secondhand (underwear, especially). 

39. American Giant - T-shirts, Sweats, and other basics for both men and women. Both the materials and manufacturing are in America.

40. Blue Canoe - Feminine, made in America, and eco-friendly fashion that could suit a wide range of ages and body types. 

41. SAS Shoes - All made in America masculine and feminine clothes in a super wide range of styles. Extremely durable, and a wide range of professional shoes (restaurants, hospitals, etc) too. 

42. Zappos- This store has tons of shoes, bags, jewelry, and clothing, and you can easily search to limit to their Made in America options. If you want to save big money, try their discount shop 6pm too. 

43. Rothy's - Their shoes are just cool, and a great way to recycle. If you can't find flats on Thred Up, this is a great option. 

Home Goods and Food

There are so many great shops and companies on this list, so I can't wait for you to read it. If you want more ideas for how to find green goods for your house, we have tons of lists for that too! Check out this page

44. Grove Collaborative- I have only heard raves about this store, where you can find all sorts of cleaning supplies and home goods here, as well as some beauty and bathroom products. 

45. Who Gives a Crap - We love this brand, that makes sustainable bulk toilet paper, and donates literally millions of their proceeds. Stop buying your toilet paper 6 at a time- bulk is better for the planet. 

46. Reel - This company sells bamboo paper towels and toilet paper (no more trees should die for our butts) and raises money for toilets, sewage, and water access in underserved countries. They are the next company we want to check out. 

47. Freedom Paper Company - This Black-owned business also sells recycled and eco-friendly toilet paper in bulk. 

48. Lehman's - This store is a favorite for homesteaders, and markets towards people who want to live "A simpler life." They have tons of products, many of which are made in America, that are generally built to last. A great place to look if you have never checked it out. 

49. Jacob Bromwell- This kitchen good and flask store has been making their lifetime guarantee goods in the United States for 200 years. They are pricey, but worth it, and might make a great gift if you are committed to just buying one thing.

50. Honest Company - This company isn't great in terms of the environment (lots of plastic and packaging), but if you are going to buy these things, doing it from them instead of Amazon still is probably a step up. 

Spices and Food

51. Herban Farms- This is a great resource for spices, seasonings, and sauces. 

52. Penzey's Spices - This shop features all sorts of spices and gift boxes. I am coming back to shop here. 

53. Thrive Market - This online grocery store with food, beauty, vitamins, baby and kid stuff. Basically anything you can get at Whole Foods (which is also owned by Jeff Bezos). Such a great resource to find more organic and environmentally responsible switches for all the products you love. 

54. Boxed - Like using Amazon to get your bulk items? Boxed is a great resource where you can get bulk stuff in one place. Not all of it is particularly eco-friendly, but bulk items tend to use less packaging than smaller packages, so it can be a good option. 

55. Kuma Coffee - A directly sourced coffee company. I am not a coffee person, so I would love more tips for this one if you have a small coffee company you love!

56. King Arthur Baking - I was blown away by all the cooking, baking, and storage items they have in their store, right along with flours and mixes. 

Body and Beauty

57. Lakota Made - This lovely shop based in South Dakota features soaps and herbal remedies made by the owner. She has a wide variety of pretty bar soaps to try. 

58. Lush - This brand is surprisingly mainstream, and you can get many of their products on their website. It seems weird to buy it without smelling it, but I canhighly recommend

59. Eco-Collective - If you want a one stop shop for more environmentally-friendly beauty and body stuff, this shop is probably a good first stop. 

60. Sephora - If you like beauty stuff, Sephora has a huge collection online. It can be on the pricey end (for the record, all the major pharmacies are online with lots of beauty products too). 

61. Alaffia - This African-owned green and fair-trade company sells body, face, hair, and baby products. 

62. Briogeo - I have heard so many raves about this hair care company, which is clean, perfect for lots of diverse hair types, and owned by a Black woman. 

63. Ethique - This brand sells one of our favorite products - the soap bar. They have lots of options for skin and hair, as well as concentrates if the shampoo bar has not worked for you. They also have some household cleaners to try. 

64. River Organics - This low-waste beauty shop is perfect for skin care without the plastic. 

65. The Detox Market - This store offers a pretty wide variety of products (skin, hair, makeup, and wellness) with pretty high standards for chemical ingreidents and a commitment to cut down on plastic packaging. 

Decor and Furniture

66. Schoolhouse Electric - This store is on the pricey end, but they offer all sorts of beautiful lighting and decor for your house, much of which is made in Oregon. 

67. Ikea - Need some cheap furniture? Ikea is not perfect, but they are continuously making moves to be more sustainable and mindful of their impact. If you need something simple/cheap (and you can't find it secondhand), check Ikea. 

68. AptDeco - This website for secondhand furniture is pretty big in New York, and it is catching on in other areas. You can find all sorts of secondhand furniture pieces here. 

69. Eighth Generation - This store is owned by members of the Snoqualmie community in Seattle, and it sells gorgeous blankets and other jewelry and decor.

70. Vermont Wood Studios - This company sells furniture and decor, including an eco-friendly section, where the furniture is made with sustainably harvested wood. 

Outdoors Gear

Outdoor goods can be expensive and intimidating, but the bright side is there are lots of places to shop for them. 

71. Geartrade- This website offers a chance to buy and sell secondhand outdoors stuff. Another great opportunity to save some money and keep things out of landfills. 

72. Patagonia - All outdoors stuff seems expensive to me, but this outdoors store is truly mindful of their environmental impact. 

73. REI- It's another great resource for outdoors gear, and it has its own resale part of the store, so you can keep an eye out for something you would like, but spend less money and have less environmental impact. Northface also has a similar program. 


This one is... tough. Electronics is a terrible area for when you are trying to be eco-friendly. My best advice is to make what you have last as long as you possibly can. There are a few bright spots though. 

74. BH Photo and Video - This New York store started as a photography supply store, but now carries quite a few electronics. It might be a great option if you can't get what you want secondhand.

75. House of Marley - This brand sells headphones, speakers, and turntables, using slightly more environmentally-responsible materials (at least they are trying?). They also plant trees for every order. 

Art Supplies

This is the area where I am most guilty. If you also tend to overshop art and craft supplies, here are some strategies to be creative without making so much waste. For the things you need, check out local shops, and here are some online resources. 

75. Blick - This shop sells higher end supplies, so it might not be a great fir for crafts for kids, but it doesn't hurt to take a look. If you are in Northern California, Flax Art Supplies is an even better option. You may have an arts and crafts store near you as well- be sure to look it up!

76. Michael's - I am in big trouble, because I didn't realize you could shop online from them until this moment. They aren't perfect, but they aren't Hobby Lobby either. 

77. Make and Mend - This online shop sells secondhand art supplies. Just browsing through now, and I am ready to buy like 10 things. Perfect for all the parents of creative kids out there, or anyone who is still a maker. 

78. Lovecrafts - This site has tons of fabric and crocheting supplies. It's a perfect spot for any crafter.

79. Cloverworks - This small farm in Vermont has an online store for their beautiful yarn.


Big Box... But a Little Better

You can avoid these big box stores and still get a lot of things in the same place. These are three great places to check with first. 

80. Costco - Look, Costco is not perfect by any means, but they do have a great reputation for how they treat their employees. They also have some areas that are VERY short on good options elsewhere, like electronics. If you are at a loss, Costco might be a good stop before you give up and head back to Amazon. 

81. Overstock - This website started as only carrying overstocked goods, but it's selection is pretty wide now. If you want to keep it more eco-friendly, you can search for items that are made in America, 

82.Made in America Co - This is the largest store online that sells and features made in America items and brands. This includes Liberty Tabletop, who are just the best. No matter your politics, if you live in America, buying things from American companies has big environmental positives. You can try to Made in America Store too if this is your kind of shopping. 

Odds and Ends

83. Artifact Bags- Purses, Aprons, and Masks

84. Amoeba Music - You can get all sorts of music and movies from this iconic LA store's online site. 

85. Chewy - Seemingly everything you need for your pet. 

86. The Compleat Strategist - Games and Board Games

87. Eco-Products - Eco-friendly cups, plates, and more

88. Forbidden Planet - Toys, Games, and Collectibles

89. Northern Tool - Tools and Equipment

90. Polywood- Recycled Outdoor Furniture

91. Tool Nut - Tools and Equipment

92. True Leaf Market - Seeds

100 Online Shops to Try Instead of Amazon

Want more shopping ideas? We have tons of them. Check out this page for Gift Ideas and this list for all of our favorite Etsy stores

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