Looking to Support Small Businesses? Here are 100+ American Etsy Shops We Love

by - Wednesday, May 13, 2020

100 of the best American Etsy Shops

At this moment in history, so many people are anxious to help small businesses and their owners, as they struggle through economic catastrophe. One great way to do that is to shop on Etsy for gifts and even things you need, so you can pay the maker directly. We know people are doing this, because during Coronavirus their numbers are at Cyber Monday levels! That's amazing for small businesses and for the environment!

Etsy is huge. There are so, so many options out there, and it can be hard to know where to start.

Luckily, we have been researching Etsy shops for 5 years, so we can point you to some of the best Etsy shops out there. We have shopped at so many of these, and we love them. Etsy shopping can be so fun, and it really allows us to shift how we think about shopping and how we spend our money.

This list doesn't cover every category, so if you are looking for something in particular, be sure to narrow the geography in the search, so you only look at shops in your country, state, or area. If can also be really fun to shop by location, and you can see all the sellers that are making things near you.

Here we go! Get browsing and support small businesses!

from UrbanEarthCo

To Wear

For Adult Cloths

TheBeeandTheFox (California)
NatureSupplyCompany (South Dakota)
UrbanEarthCo (Dallas)
Berisqu (New York)
laurenwinterco (South Carolina)

For Babies

SugarPlumShopCo (North Carolina)
henryandetta (Pennsylvania)
babysproutsco (Missouri)
2sweetcheeks (Washington)

For Kids

LolaandStella (Portland, Oregon)
NatureSupplyCompany (South Dakota)
landofpines (New Jersey)
UrbanEarthCo (Dallas)
thelittleblackline (Seattle, Washington)
MochiKids (Utah)

For Jewelry

SarahZentzJewelry (Santa Cruz, California)
barzahav (Brooklyn, NY)
CaitlinMinimalist (Los Angeles)
MagpieVintageJewelry (New Orleans)
ReStrungJewelry (New Orleans)
SKindCo (New York)
Shektwoman (New York) - City Skyline rings
GLDNxLayeredandLong (Washington)
MaderaLane (Portland. Oregon)
ValerieKStudio (Los Angeles)
VKEcoJewelry (Portland, Oregon)
SleepyMountain (Seattle)

For Bags

WAAMIndustries (Minneapolis)
StitchCrafty4U (Utah)
Oliday (Los Angeles)

For Beauty

ButterMeUpOrganics (California)
OlivineAtelier (Seattle)

For Accessories

Yokoo (Atlanta)
FabulouslyFeminist (Pennsylvania)
UnpaperUnplastic (Florida)

from CindySearles

To Have at Home

For Living with Lower Waste

marleysmonsters (Oregon)
GreenCityLiving (Denver)
SaidoniaEco (Florida)
CreeksideKid (Charlotte, North Carolina)
moocowmomma (Florida)
curlymonkey (California)
AnnesHandcrafted (North Carolina)

For Planters

CindySearles (California)
DipsandPrints (Pittsburgh)
SucculentArtworks (San Diego)
andrewsreclaimed (Seattle)

For Napkins and the Dining Room

ClearSkyHome (Michigan)
ohlittlerabbit (Oregon)
112JamesStreet (Washington)

For Ceramics and the Kitchen

dorothydomingo (Florida)
SawyerCeramics (California)
mudworks (Pennsylvania)

For Furniture

BrandonBuilt (Nebraska)
wwmakes (Chicago)
UrbanChandy (California)
ReclaimedWoodUSA (Mississippi)
HaresEarsDesigns (Virginia)
SaltCreekMercantile (Nebraska)
WoodekDesign (New Jersey)
habitatconcept (North Carolina)

For Outside

RopedonCedar (Washington)

For the Baby

TumbleweedBabies (Texas)
WillowGroveBoutique (Pittsburgh)
manzanitakids (Seattle)

For the Kids Rooms

strawberrymoth (Georgia)
irontimber (Utah)
WildRabbitsBurrow (Wisconsin)
warmpersonality (Denver)
halfpintinkstudio (Delaware)
LightingbySara (California)

For Decor

DustySquareDesigns (Texas)
EleventyOneStudio (Wisconsin)
SixFingerStudio (Montana)
GFTWoodcraft (New Jersey)
GRAINandGRIT (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
Hoopsbyrae (Oklahoma)
jfjones (North Carolina)
LemonMadeShop (Austin, Texas)
DECORsuite (Georgia)
RootToVine (Indiana)
StitchedbyGraceNY (New York)

For Art

JessicaHaasDesigns (New Jersey)
CathyCIllustrations (Charleston)
Rachelignotofsky (California)
SzkloGlass (Las Vegas)
ChelseaPetaja (Nashville)
VacilandoQuilting (Utah)

For Cleaning Supplies

JuniperSeedMerc (Colorado)
TheLittleWanderersCo (Massachusets)

from OnceAgainSam

To Celebrate

For Gifts

TheMakeshiftGallery (Virginia)
OnceAgainSam (South Carolina)
foodiebords (Kentucky)

For Paper Goods

FavoriteStory (California)
OkayMiss (Denver)
CreatureComfortsNYC (New Jersey)
ObviousState (New York)
PartyofOnePaper (Michigan)

For Halloween

TreeAndVine (Maine)
TheCostumeCafe (Austin, Texas)

For Christmas

Buitique (Houston)
ChaostoArt (Charleston, South Carolina)
OakAndAnvilWorks (Missouri)
Tinworks (South Carolina)

For Weddings

LTCoutureAtelier (Maine)
floraandlane (Chicago)
MartinMcCreaCouture (Arizona)
WinonaBride (New York City)

Craft Kits

HouhaDesigns (Portland, Oregon)
UrbanCheesecraft (Portland, Oregon)

And the Really Random Stuff

CaramelsforKarson (Washington)
LaceyOlsonDesign (Arkansas)
CrochetfromKatie (Washington)
OffChutes (Oregon)

Ok, which of your favorite Etsy shops didn't make the list? Is your state represented? Happy shopping when you have to.

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