Four Simple Actions Anyone Can Take to Protect the Oceans this Week

by - Sunday, June 09, 2019

Four Simple Actions Anyone Can Take to Protect the Oceans this Week

Yesterday was World Oceans Day, so this week, let's all do a little something to protect the beautiful water which sustains and awes us. Our oceans are in trouble on every front- they are facing unthinkable damage from waste, climate change, and loss of sea life. 

Plastic is a huge problem, but lucky for us, it is an area where we can really make a change. Plastic will outnumber fish in our lifetime. Plastic kills sea life every single day. Plastic is moving through our water, into our food and water sources. I think this recent article is a pretty good summation of the role our oceans play and how desperately we need to help them. 

I have these fantasies of abandoning regular life and spending a summer out cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch. These big dramatic gestures are huge, but most of us don't have that time to give. Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you can't do something. There are so many ways to get plastic out of our personal lives, but there are also simple actions we can take to protect our oceans on a larger scale.

None of these take a ton of effort or time, and most items you can do in minutes. But they still make a difference, especially if we all do it together. So, let's do this. 

1. Sign this Petition against Plastic Packaging

Too often, we only focus on the people consuming plastic, but if we want to STOP plastic overtaking our oceans, we need to pressure companies making and distributing plastic to stop as well. That means voting with our money, but it also means using our voices. 

Amazon is a huge source of plastic waste every year, using everything from plastic wrap to the completely non-recyclable bubble mailers. Amazon is receiving a lot of pressure for their environmental impact on multiple fronts. Help add to that pressure by signing this petition demanding that they shift away from all plastic packaging.

Want another super quick way to keep plastic out of the oceans? Sign this petition to ask Target to stop distributing plastic bags at their stores. They gave the organizers a flat out no, but then started to change their tune. You signature is another tiny push for them to see that they are wrong on this issue. 

2. Write a Favorite Brand to STOP Using Plastic Fabrics

Plastic-based synthetic fabrics (and the microscopic pollution they cause) are the biggest environmental crisis we aren't talking about. Every piece of polyester clothing you wash is shedding thousands of plastic pieces the size of glitter into your water. We eat this plastic. We drink this plastic. We have no way to clean up this plastic. It's a big freaking deal, and you can read all about it here.
If the brand you love still uses plastic-based synthetic fabrics, write them and tell them to stop. It's not hard! You can start with this note we wrote to Gap and switch it up to fit what you need! Write them on Twitter or their Facebook page, and then other people can chime in on the issue too!

3. Give up Salmon for a Summer (and Send that Money to Ocean Clean Ups)

One of the largest and most destructive sources for ocean plastics is fishing nets which are often just abandoned in the water. These nets kills sea life and birds daily, exponentially adding to pollution while ending biodiversity. What can we do about it? Take a summer off of fish. If you want some ideas of what to eat instead, check out our Meatless Monday Page.

That said, organizations are out there working hard to stop the fishing net crisis and clean our oceans. They need our money and support. Here are a few gems, but you can read up on more. 

Heathy Seas specifically cleans up and recycles nets
Sea Shepherd is effective in protecting whales from plastic waste and whaling but is a bit controversial. 

Have a holiday coming up? These recycled fish net bracelets that support sea life conservation might be the perfect gift too. 

4. Stand Up to the DNC

This week, the DNC decided that they would not have a primary debate specifically addressing the Climate Crisis. If the environment continues to be destroyed, no other issue (from jobs to civil rights) cannot be addressed. This reminds us that the Democratic National Convention is just as intertwined with fossil fuels as Republicans. You can read all about why this topic is absolutely necessary in this opinion piece.

Don't let it go, especially if you are an American liberal. We need this to be a key issue for everyone, and it starts here. You can speak up to the Democrats on this web page. Write and tell them to reconsider their irresponsible decision. It can be as simple as "We want a Climate Policy Debate." But if no one speaks up, they will think they made the right call. 

Ok, want a bonus action item? TALK ABOUT THIS ISSUE! Chat with your friends. Share the petition you just signed. Don't be quiet about it! We are learning more and more that people are much more willing to make soome changes when influenced by people they actually know. So get in there and share what you are doing. We think it is awesome. 

Four Simple Actions Anyone Can Take to Protect the Oceans this Week

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  1. Thank you for posting these actions. I wish classes were in session, so I could share this with my students!

  2. Really excellent suggestions in this post! I signed both the petitions. : )

  3. Things would be so much better if everyone did a little bit of these ! Great of you to share as simple-to-take actions and hope many take you up! You can count me in :)

  4. Great list, thank you for sharing!



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