Delicious Vegetarian Pea Recipes That Even Meat Eaters Will Love

by - Sunday, June 02, 2019

What's the easiest switch you can make for the environment? Eat less meat!

On Mondays, we are exploring vegetarian meals for meat eaters. Cooking with seasonal vegetables can seem really limiting at first, but the possibilities are endless. And it is worth it. Just cutting one day of meat eating out of our diet can keep thousands of tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere a year. No seriously, it's that big a deal. Cutting down on fish (and only eating sustainable fish) can also help with our huge plastic problem, because plastic fishing nets are the largest source of plastic in our oceans. The production of fish and meat come at a huge environmental cost, and we are simply eating too much.

Plus, it's a great opportunity to have some new adventures and try new things. Just another way to take care of the planet AND make life a little bit better!

Alright, this is the week I have been waiting for. It's time for my absolute favorite vegetable. Peas. Peas are so good. Every year on my birthday week, I beg for pea pancakes with basil butter and tomato salad (this recipe from Veggin' is the closest I can find to that). It sounds weird, but they are so good. If I am at a restaurant and there is something with peas on the menu, I usually cannot resist.

Peas are the ultimate vegetable if what you would actually like to be eating is cake. They are so sweet and delicious. For early summer snacking, it doesn't get better than sugar snap peas. They also make any recipe infinitely better, from paella to pasta.

If you are trying to eat more vegetarian meals (or are trying to sell your meat eating family on more plant-based recipes), peas are your friend. Here are some of my favorite pea recipes I have found:

Ok, just this picture of a pea and potato galette from Baking the Goods makes me want to stop everything and get cooking. Seriously, this thing looks so delicious. Someone come visit us this summer so we can make them this, because it just looks too pretty to cook for yourself. And peas and ricotta is just an amazing combination too. A winner for everyone looking for vegetarian meals. 

Looking for a fresh and super seasonal salad? This spring salad with beets and peas from Carolyn's Cooking looks super simple and gorgeous. Seriously, if you are making this, please invite me over because I want some. Doesn't it just look like this time of year? 

Want another super simple pea dish that still seems fancy? This peas and shallots dish with parmesan from It's a Veg World After All looks super pretty but simple to do. And shallots make everything seem fancier. It's their super power. 

I had some amazing pea and ricotta toast while we were on vacation, and I have been thinking of it ever since. I think pea and ricotta toast would make the perfect breakfast, lunch, or light dinner outside. I found a bunch of variations on this recipe, but I like these delicious bruschetta from Familystyle Food to get you started. It may not be a combo you thought of before, but trust me, so good. 

Peas are also perfect for pasta, which is super filling, and no one will complain about it. I like this 30 minute lemon pasta from The Food Charlatan, because no one is actually going to make this stuff if it takes too long. 

Ok, the last one is this peas and poached egg recipe from Natural Kitchen Adventures. I have never tried anything like this eggs Cilbir, but it actually sounds really good? A fun totally new thing to try. Peas and eggs go really well together. 

Ok, what meat-free meals are you having this week? What's your favorite way to eat peas? 

Meatless Monday Vegetarian and Vegan Peas Recipes

Want more vegetarian recipes to try? Awesome! Adding more meatless meals to your diet is such a fun challenge and you can discover so many things you like. Check out this page for all of the Meatless Monday Recipe Round Ups!

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