The Five Best Etsy Stores for Personalized Gifts

by - Wednesday, November 07, 2018

We can minimize our fossil fuel use and support makers near us by buying more from local makers (and a lot less from big stores). I want to keep highlighting amazing makers in the US, and I feel like my Etsy links can get caught in the more mainstream shuffle. So let's look at some of the best stuff together. 

I LOVE an Etsy Gift, especially because you can find things that have so much thought and love behind them. But shopping on Etsy always feels a bit like you are gambling with time, so if you are going to buy a personalized gift this year, do it now-ish.

There are nearly infinite stores that specialize in personalized gifts, but these are 5 I think are truly special. Let's get to it!

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Personalized Gifts family tree

1. The Makeshift Gallery

This Oklahoma store sells family tree wood slice prints. I never would have thought of this, but doesn't this seem like the best gift ever for your grandma? Even if she is cooler than your average nana? (I think my grandmothers are the coolest). These just feel special.

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Personalized Gifts silhouette necklace

2. OnceAgainSam

I am just going to keep pointing our how amazing these are until my husband gives in and buys me one of each of my boys. I lust over very few things now, but I still lust over these super special silhouette necklaces which are both modern and unabashedly sentimental. This South Carolina store knows how to pull on your hipster heartstrings (they have pets ones too... because of course they do).

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Personalized Gifts christmas ornament

This Texas Store makes really special Christmas ornaments with family portraits on them. I love seeing all the kinds of families they have done, and these are seriously the cutest things I have ever seen. I want to give them as gifts to everyone this year. They also do cute animal portraits (which I know is important to some of you out there).

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Personalized Gifts cutting board

LadyMaggies makes all sorts of personalized cutting boards, but my favorite are these ones with recipes engraved on them. It actually makes me feel a little emotional thinking about how food and cooking is passed down as a family tradition, and I think it could be the most amazing and thoughtful gift for the right person.

The Five Best Etsy Stores for Personalized Gifts jewelry

This store is one of a few special ones that will turn your heirloom china into a piece of jewelry. I think this could be a really beautiful gift if multiple people would really treasure the same heirloom pieces. Also excellant if you want to remember someone or stay connected to that family history without lugging multiple generations worth of china around. Seriously, special heirloom can shift into a big burden quickly if there is too much of it! These necklaces are simple and pretty and could mean a lot to a person you love.

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The Five Best Etsy Stores for Personalized Gifts

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