Unique and Eco-Friendly Third Anniversary Leather Gifts

by - Thursday, February 15, 2018

third anniversary leather heart

Every year we celebrate our wedding anniversary with the traditional theme, not because we are particularly traditional, but because we love a damn theme.

 For our 3rd year anniversary, we celebrated with leather (why that's third, we will never know).

third anniversary cow decoration

It is a strange year if you are trying to be environmentally-conscientious, because cow farming and the beef industry are demonstrably terrible for the environment. On the other hand, you can find oodles of leather goods made in America, and they are often made to last, so they have a real positive side as well.For that reason, your approach to leather can do different kinds of good depending on your priority, You can buy a pair of pleather boots that last you a few years (but keeps cows safe), or you can buy a well-made pair of Frye boots that last you 10+ years.

But why worry about the environment at all? What the heck does that have to do with an anniversary?

Anniversaries about the past year, what you accomplished as a couple, but they are also marking a stop as you head forward into the future. Thinking about your impact while you shop takes care of that future.

It also establishes a better home for you. Americans infamously buy too much, and our giant heaps of stuff are hurting us, not helping, because it builds more responsibilities and takes more of our time. In other words, you can buy a bigger house and fill it with more stuff OR you can spend more time together, having experiences and making memories.

So rather than buy 10 ok gifts, buy 1 great and lasting gift. Buy less. Buy one experience that your partner will remember. Changing your approach to shopping, starting with this anniversary can make your life and your marriage better.

I thought I would share some of my gift ideas. Leather can be kind of a fun one, and you might get something the other person really needs, but I won't mind being out of the carcasses and in to fruit and flowers next year!

Leather Experience Gifts

Sex Stuff- Yeah, let's get this out of the way- leather as a theme kind of lends itself to this line of thinking, and I support you going there, for sure. But the majority of my readers are family members, so I am not going to research American-made sex swings out of leather and recycled tires, though I do hope that is a thing. Have at it.

Horseback Riding- On a totally different note, horseback riding creates that kind of farm ambiance and lots of grown adults have never ridden a horse. Plus, a lot of the gear is leather, so I think it works.  Do I think it is romantic? No! Are you crazy? But it could be really fun and memorable, and it might be on your partner's wishlist anyway. A lot of places have horse farms nearby, so check around and see what is available.

Throw on your Leather Jackets and Ride your Motorcycle Somewhere- If you have all these things in your collection already, you know how to have an adventure. So go have one in honor of your marriage. So fun and memorable.

Leather Romantic Gifts

leather luggage tag

Luggage Tags and Travel Bags- You can get a cool personalized one and feed your sense of adventure as a couple. The Boy got me luggage tags, and it is fun to see them when we leave for a new trip. Leather Made Nice has a great one.  I like this kind of retro one from Tresijas as well. You could also get a travel wallet, which centralizes everything you need on your next big adventure. Luscious Leather NYC sells a beautiful and rugged one.

leather backpack from Awlsnap
from Awl Snap
Backpacks, Purses, and Briefcases- If there is a bag your spouse needs, you could buy something really thoughtful. Put supplies for a picnic inside or fill it with love notes and you have an A+ practical AND romantic gift.

If you want Made in America, Leather, and about any kind of bag, I recommend you start at J L Hulme Co, who sell gorgeous Made in the USA bags and other leatherware. It's not cheap (we could never afford their luggage in our life), but if you go for one great (and maybe smaller?) gift instead of a bunch (or buy one gift together), this might be the perfect option. I kid you not, start here, their bags look amazing.

Zakken sells a waxed canvas bag with leather details that's big enough to be a diaper bag or even a weekend away bag. I really love some bags from River Bend Boutique. Other companies that sell  leather bags and wallets (and there are many! Look around and find something that you really like) are Abas (clean and pretty, a little feminine?), A-U (totes, purses, and some luggage- a mix of cotton and leather), Leather Artisan (website isn't fancy, but the bags are still great, AFFORDABLE, and made in the US- good stop once J L Hulme has scared you away), Libaire sells simple bags that look pretty on trend, plus their zipper pulls look super cute. Maple Leather Company makes small bags and that leather fanny pack your partner has been dreaming of.

Valhalla Brooklyn makes leather purses I have been lusting after for years. Years. But my new favorite are these tote/ backpack hybrids from Awl Snap, and they are made using sustainable practices. This Virginia shop is awesome.

Harvey's recycled seatbelt backpack
from Harvey's 
If you have the idea of using leather, Harvey's makes bags, totes, backpacks, and all sorts of amazingness with recycled seat belts, making them vegan, sustainable, and totally awesome (they even have a line with Disney). The thick durable material seems kind of leather-y without being plastic, pleather, eco-horribleness. They are seriously so cute. A new favorite of mine for sure.

Sentimental Leather Gifts

Camera Straps- This is one of my favorite ideas, because you will both most likely use it and see it all the time. Mesa Dreams sells leather straps for cameras with all sorts of designs and sayings on them, though my pick would be this one with a personalized longitude and latitude printed on it. Could put the place you got married as the location? Very cool gift. Shop Cinta sells a clean and minimalist strap if that is more your partner's style. You could also get a watch strap like this one from Choice Cuts.

Journal/ Photo Album/Planner- The Boy bought me a big beautiful leather photo album for our anniversary, and I think we will put pictures from every anniversary into it. He bought it, I think, from Rustic Ridge Leather, and it is really beautiful (they sell journals and notebooks too). Perfect gift, and if you want to use his idea, you can find some pretty ones. Now, I usually buy my photo albums used, but when i can't, I get them from Gallery Leather, so they are made in Maine.
Claire Magnolia sells albums with a rough, rustic feel (like the kind of thing you find in an attic somewhere). Linen Laid Felt makes books specifically for your printed instagram pictures, which is a pretty genius combination of timeless and trendy.

Rustic River Leather sells really beautiful journals to write important memories in. Teals Prarie sells pretty notebooks that you can get personalized.

Lots of planners, like this one from Gallery Leather have leather on their covers. I have one like this, and I do love it.

Leather House Gifts

Fancy Smoking Chair or Ottoman- Start with a sex swing, and here we are with the kind of chair you imagine being in a mansion library. The third year truly is multi-faceted.

Leather can last a very long time looking pretty good, so if you are thinking furniture, my recommendation is to check antique and secondhand shops. You may find something amazing. If you can only find something just ok, you could also get it reupholstered. Or if you hate the idea of an animal dying so you can celebrate your anniversary, you can find some cool vegan leather furniture.

Tool Bag- If your partner doesn't already have a good place to put their tools, this might be cool! Kraft sells a nice one.

Get Beefy- It's beefy and leathery and I would never ever want this as a gift. Ever. Seriously gross. But it might make for a kickass gift for somebody else! I have seen local ones in local grocers before or you could even make your own.

If you like the food idea, but you also recognize that jerky is crazy gross, you could do meat marinades, burger saucesrubs, or even meats themselves (maybe use the special event to finally try a local butcher).  You could also do some part of the food preparation like an Epicurean cutting board or a Lodge skillet (which will last you FOREVER).

Practical Leather Gifts

leather lunch sack
from Zakken
Lunch Sack- Zakken sells these lunch sacks that you could use forever and you know would be strong enough to hold lots of food, which is what really counts. Intericon makes a similar sack.

Shaving Bags- I don't know if everyone has one of these (or needs one), but it could work well as a makeup bag as well. The well-named Felix Street Studio sells shaving bags with leather details.

third anniversary present leather hiking boot
Danner on Amazon
Boots- You can get basically any kind of boot in leather, and it could be a nice splurge gift that your partner might not necessarily buy for themselves.I think the Wolverine boots are my favorite for dudes. Danner makes great mountain boots for women.  L L Bean has moved much of their manufacturing out of the United States (they are not my favorite by far), but their boots are still made her. This might be a great choice with a harsh winter coming!

Red Wing Heritage chukka work boots are made in the US and look like they last nearly forever. Danner and Thorogood both sell boots so American they literally have an American Flag on them. They are for real patriotic work, maybe too tough if your partner isn't a roofer.

If you want something a little less badass, The Look Factory sells upcycled, reworked boots that could be incredibly cool if you are married to someone who can pull it off! Also! I found one pair of Made in the USA leather flats from Tic Tac Toe, which is exciting if you know just how freaking hard it is to find ethically-made shoes. SAS Shoes and Frye also offer lots of leather options that aren't all eyesores. Like fair trade? Check out Oliberte.

My absolute favorite might be Itaca Leathergoods, which sells the most fun mocassins and shoes I have ever seen. Some seriously great boots with fringe, and they have stuff for men, women, and kids.

Shoehorn- I kind of wish I had thought of this before the holiday, instead of just handing this good idea over to all you people. You probably don't need one, but it does seem thoroughly grown up, much like being married for three years seems pretty grown up. J C Cole has a nice looking one that just screams "maturity."

Belts- I bought the Boy a belt as part of his gift, and as you might imagine, plenty of options (lots of great ones in America- no need to buy something from somewhere else here!). I bought him a cordovan belt from Orion Leather, and I would highly recommend them (they have belts for both genders as well). I personally also really like the Boston Leather belts and the look of their leather. The Working Person's store sells well-loved belts.  You could also get belts (among other things) from Natural Reflections. You can get them at the Made in America store as well, and they don't cost anymore than stuff made elsewhere!

Eyeglass Case- I feel like a nice eyeglass case would be a great gift for The Boy, because he switches back and forth from his regular glasses to his sunglasses, so maybe that would be helpful for someone you love too! Moonshine Leather also sells belts, but even cooler, they sell eyeglass cases (and leather aprons, cell phone holders, and sleigh bells, which you know you need).

third anniversary leather tassle
From Crave by CRV

Key Chain- These leather tassel keychains from Crave by CRV are my favorite leather things. I have seriously considered just buying one. They look chic, and my spawn can chew on them.

Wallet- Classic, though maybe not super exciting. I bought the Boy his new front pocket one from Saddleback Leather, who also have great bags (that aren't made in the USA, so I'd poke around and see if you can't find something similar elsewhere). Orion Leather sells nice fold ones and single ones.  As does North Star Leather. Poke around and find what you like. You have lots of options here.

third anniversary leather ornament gift

Hunting Knife- Oy, this is definitely the butchest of all the anniversaries. If you are with a person who would like this, a hunting knife in a leather pouch might be the perfect gift.

Leather Jewelry Gifts

third anniversary leather jewelry gift bracelet
from roundhouse jewelry
third anniversary leather jewelry gift fit bit bracelet
from Colebrook Company
third anniversary leather jewelry gift bracelet

third anniversary leather jewelry gift earrings

third anniversary leather jewelry gift bracelet

third anniversary leather jewelry gift earrings

third anniversary leather jewelry gift

third anniversary leather gifts heart

Lots of leather ideas! Have a different anniversary coming up? Looking for unique and environmentally-conscientious inspiration for your celebration? Check out our Green Wedding and Anniversary Page for a whole slew of ideas! If you just want more gift and shopping inspiration, check out the Giant List of Shopping Lists page. 

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  1. I am heading towards my 4th anniversary which is traditionally fruit and flowers. A potted plant would be lovely.

  2. This is such a great list! I love all the leather jewelry.. Such unique gifts to give.

  3. I liked all the gift items you suggested in the post that too eco freindly which is just superb.I loved the wrist bands teh most.

  4. I love those bags! Those definitely appeal to me :) And the ear rings. Very cool suggestions!

  5. Such a fun tradition. My husband and I are celebrating year 5 next month. We normally do traditional gifts but I never though to make a full experience out of it ❤



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