Unique and Eco-Friendly Fourth Anniversary Fruit and Flower Gift Ideas

by - Saturday, February 17, 2018

Happy Fourth Anniversary! 

I love a theme, and the marriage anniversary gift guidelines are both hilariously arbitrary and super fun to take on as a challenge. Every year so far, we have done decorating, food, and our gifts to another level by just following the weirdly wonderful list of suggestions.

For the first year, we made paper decorations like the ones at our wedding (we have enough tissue paper to last a lifetime). For gifts, we exchanged a paper clock and scratch off maps.
For the second year, we rocked it with a cotton sheet tent in our room, where we camped out, watched Top Chef, and did not exchange cotton robes.
For the third year, we ate steak. Well, he ate steak. I covered our house in cows and compromised my cow-loving morals. We exchanged leather photo albums and luggage tags.

It may seem like a silly tradition, but I firmly believe that the key to appreciating life (and having a happy one), is making a big deal about the good things. You can't do anything to stop bad things from happening, but giving the good equal weight, attention, time, and creativity balances things out s bit. The Boy is probably my single favorite life decision, so I am going to make a big deal out of our anniversary week.

That said, we try to celebrate with the environment in mind. If you enjoy the present at the expense of your future, that doesn't make much sense. So we try to avoid waste at all costs.

I don't give a ton of gifts. Just one or two GREAT gifts.
I don't necessarily get him a Brand New Thing. I look for used things or even an experience instead of an object.
I don't get gifts that have traveled long distances. I try to make them as local as possible.

This year's theme? Fruit and Flowers. 

After last year's leather-clad meatfest, this year's theme seems pretty tame. You can also tell that motivation to rock the theme is waning, because both Pinterest and Etsy don't have many suggestions. Pinterest has roses made of bacon and some fruit puns.

 Etsy is mostly selling various roses out of every material you can think of. Also, a t-shirt that says "She still puts up with me after 4 years"- really? This needs to be said after 4 years- how awful are you? Four years seems very early to be bragging (maybe that's why no one goes all out for this anniversary- not fresh enough to be fun, not established enough to feel like an accomplishment?).

So, I would never advocate for people to buy something that useless. This anniversary feels like a totally wasted creative opportunity out there- sure, sweet and floral sounds feminine, but this really feels like an anniversary about planting things that grow. Establishing those roots as you move outward. Pretty cool when you think about it.

 Let's do this.

Experience Fruit and Flower Gifts

A Cooking Class. Yes, this anniversary screams a cooking class, right? Know your audience, because this could go the way of a passive aggressive hint. You have to do it together. No sending someone because you aren't feeling their cooking. But couple's cooking classes sound so fun, you get to learn new skills together, and it might set this year up to be one of amazing food and crazy experiments.

Gardening Workshops. We have been working on our garden for two years, but we still really have no idea what we are doing. Maybe you are in a similar boat, and it would be fun. There is so much to learn about this, and really anything you do as a team should be pretty fun.

A Trip to a Nearby Garden, Arboretum, or Greenhouse. Maybe you aren't a big grower yourself, but you like the look of things that are growing. What gardens and outdoors spaces are nearby? Have you ever gone to check them out? You could have a fun day exploring together, or if you really want to take it to another level, you could go camping. I know in our city we have an arboretum, a sculpture garden, and at least two big flower festivals nearby. Check! You might be surprised.

Romantic Fruit and Flower Gifts

A Year of Memorable Dinners. Sure, you could take them out to dinner somewhere cool for the day. You could also look at your list of restaurants you have wanted to try.

Pick one for every (or every other maybe?) month from now until your next anniversary, and split your gift money to help pay for it.

It works like a commitment to step up your dates and keep trying new things (which is obviously essential to not sucking at marriage). It may not seem like much on the anniversary itself, but by next year, you will have 12 pictures of 12 great dates.

 Make your Own Chocolate-Covered Fruit. People love chocolate-covered strawberries (have you tried pineapple? Even better), it could be a fun thoughtful gift to make them for a significant other. If nothing else, it could be a fun activity to try together!

Sentimental Fruit and Flower Gifts

Somewhere to sit in the Garden. We bought a bench as our big gift for this anniversary- it may sound a little lame, but I am psyched about it. We got a bench from Polywood, so it is made of recycled plastic in the United States. They have gliders too! I love this company even more now- the bench was pretty easy to put together (The Bubba was just so helpful) and it looks even better in person than online.

Don't want something plastic? Why not try to find a bench at a consignment store? You can always repaint something wood or metal to make it your own. I also found made in America metal and wood options on Amazon, but I would recommend checking local stores because someone nearby might be making them.I also bought a cute little plaque on Etsy to commemorate what we bought it for (so it is a practical and sentimental gift). It's a place to stop in our garden, and here is a picture of The Boy taking a break to stare lovingly at it.

from PaperandPlantables

Saving the Bees for your Honey. Ok, I will own this one is out there, but I bet you have heard that bees are in pretty dire straights right now, so if you love a nurturing personality (who isn't deathly afraid of bees), maybe a bee-loving gift would be perfect! My first idea? Wildflowers. Wildflowers help these pollinators and they can be used instead of pesticides to keep some bugs off of plants. You could buy a bouquet of seeds instead of a bouquet of flowers.

What about a box of seed bombs? If you live in a rural area you could just stop when you see a field in need of some new flowers. You can find tons of these for sale on Etsy, so pick a store near you, because those flowers will probably do better in your climate.

Honeybees are also one of the gifts from Heifer International if you want to encourage bee populations elsewhere!

Art prints. Both fruit and flowers are the subject of lots of cool prints and paintings, so you could also buy something to help decorate your kitchen.
from Jessica Haas Designs
My favorite of all of these are seasonal food calendars- we bought one of these ones from Jessica Haas Designs for our house, and it can really help you keep track of what is good when at a local level (I just wish we had a cheat sheet for which fish are pictured- Jessica, I am not a psychic). I have lusted over this garden chart from Little Low literally for years, but we don't have room in our kitchen, so it just sits in my Etsy cart. For years. No joke. Someone get it- it's so pretty. They have all sorts of beautiful prints, so check out this store. Also try- Lucile's KitchenCactus Clublh print shopSeason's Gleanings, and Lou Paper.

This map from artist Wendy Gold turns the whole world into bouquets of flowers. This is so pretty, and it reminds me of Napoleon's wife who had a huge collection of gorgeous botanical drawings. May be the perfect piece for a mudroom or office.

If you want to gift something really different, these stained glass panels are both geometric and organic. I love that they are made in Kentucky, and it could look perfect in your window.

Fruit and Flower Gifts for Home

Something that Grows.  I can see the instinct to go for the bouquet of flowers or edible arrangement when fruit and flowers are the theme, but consider something that will still be growing for future anniversaries as well. Because no one needs another vase, but we could all use more fresh air. We may not think of flowers and fruit as gifts that persist, but a lilac bush could fill your yard with the best smell ever for years. You have to keep taking care of a raspberry bush or an herb garden (if you don't have much space, you may still have room to grow), but isn't that more like marriage? It always takes a little upkeep, but you get a lot more from it than you would a bouquet long forgotten by your 5th anniversary.

What grows well in your neighborhood? Go to a local nursery and get some advice. You may be eating berries out of your own yard in no time. Don't have a yard? No problem- maybe it is time to start that herb garden together or grow tomatoes on your porch. Or! You could buy a plot at a local public patch.

My best gift idea for this anniversary is to plant or grow something that matters to you and your partner. You could even do it together as the celebration!

from West Wind Home Garden
A Good Garden Gnome. Decorative Stones, Garden Gnome, or even one of those magic balls would be so cool and funny. Really what says romance more than a garden gnome? If you have an outdoor space, this is just a way to make it feel that much more homey. PhenomeGnome has quite the selection of classy guys waiting to grace your garden. These balls from Uncommon Goods have really unique designs and I think they light up at night from solar power as well. Made in Canada from recycled glass, so that might be a perfect.

My favorite might be these penny flower stakes for Uncommon Goods- they are made from recycled/ upcycled materials in the US, and they are just so super cute.

Stepping Stones. For stepping stones, it doesn't get much cuter than these turtle stones. I can totally imagine the gardens where they would look adorable. When I started looking for garden stones, the vast majority were animal gravestones. Maybe not for an anniversary, but you can find better options. Then it was all for something called "fairy gardens." So maybe you don't do stepping stones on Etsy.I just wrote a whole blog on Etsy stores that sell planters- check it out!

from Golem Designs
A Fruit Bowl or Strainer. I can think of two  fruit tools in the kitchen- a fruit bowl or a strainer to wash berries in. I love ones that are a little bit open, like this modern one from Golem Designs and this stunner from Nings Wonder World. This concrete fruit bowl from Rough Fusion looks very sophisticated.

I love this berry buddy from Uncommon Goods- it looks great, is made in Pennsylvania, and it would work perfectly if you are big berry-eating family (like we are). Lots of Etsy ceramicists like  Shady Grove Pottery and Loma Prieta Pottery make berry strainers as well. Want to do something more cost effective? You can also find really cool vintage ones on Etsy or get the strainer from Preserve- made in the USA with recycled materials!

Practical Fruit and Flower Gifts

A Composter. So most of these gift ideas have been at least a little romantic, but the theme does lend itself to getting something practical off your list. Gosh, that is so the 4th year of marriage. Still, if you (or your partner) feel lighter with another to do biting the dust, this might be fun (but please go on a romantic date or something- life can't be all practical).

Good Ideas from Amazon
One of the least romantic options for this would be a composter. It's like a pretty vase, but you put the flowers in after they are dead and it is hideous looking. Don't trick yourself into thinking this amazingness is lame- you can keep making great soil for you yard this way and save so much from a landfill. A banana peel in a kitchen garbage bag may never decompose. In your composter, it will in a week. So eco-friendly and it will save you money too! If you have the room, Good Ideas makes great composters, but if you need something a little smaller, check out this Envirocycle one.

Idlyc from Amazon

Produce Bags. Not yard people? No worries! You could also get totally unromantic about your grocery shopping. Rather than using those plastic produce bags which are used once and then shipped to the landfill, you could get produce and grocery bags to shop with! Honestly, we just use a reusable grocery bag and throw everything into one bag. Why not? We are just going to wash it all when we get home anyway, so what are the little bags protecting them from? Hot peppers are the only thing that gets their own bag.

from 3D Uni Print
Planters. Don't have a big garden to guss up? You could still get a planter! You can't help but love the bulbasaur planters that are all over Etsy, just be sure you are getting one that is a non-ridiculous size (or try a dinosaur planter- cool recycling). Convivial Production sells a hanging basket that somehow looks modern and reminds me of my Grandma's house all at once. For something really original, check out these amazing necklaces at Wearable Planter. Lastly, I love this planter troth from one of my favorite Etsy stores- Andrew's Reclaimed- made of all reclaimed wood. Would be perfect if you want your own little herb garden!

Join a Co-op/ Get a CSA Box. Do you have a co-op near where you live? Joining that would be an awesome AND eco-friendly gift. You are supporting a local farmer, eating produce from near you, and you have to learn what to do with things in the box you have never cooked from before. It's like a present you get every week all summer! And you could commit to cooking one meal together from things you get out of the box.

Before you say "oh we don't have those here," google it. Co-op farmers are all over the United States with drop off and pick up boxes available, but you have to see what you have there. Urban areas usually have multiple choices for pick up. Just check.

And for Fruit and Flower Jewelry...

I try to do a bunch of jewelry options for every anniversary, because it is kind of fun to see how the themes translate from year to year. If you are going to take the easy route and buy jewelry, at least get something cool. Also, the options for fruit and flowers on Etsy are literally endless, so get on there and get searching.

from BubuRuby

from tinkercompany
from SnarkFactory

from ModernFlowerChild

from WorksofEarthMT (yes, that is real dried fruit turned into jewelry. Surprisingly pretty)

from copperlilly

from SereneStitching

from GlassBerries

memorable and eco-friendly 4th anniversary gift ideas- fruit and flowers heart

Ok, these are my best ideas, what are yours? How do you make a gift thoughtful, fun, and useful all at the same time!? It's a tall order, but I believe it can be done!If you want more wedding and anniversary ideas, check out the Green Wedding and Anniversary page. If you just want more gift and shopping inspiration, check out the Giant List of Shopping Lists page. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these gift ideas with us as these are really amazing. Searching for local Florist Delivery providers for flower decorations in my sister’s wedding ceremony. Hope to find a professional and affordable one quickly.

  2. I want a composter really badly; not for gardening, but because I eat a lot of fruit and juice a lot of veggies, and end up with a lot of leftover pieces. It all gets thrown away because my apartment complex really doesn't have any place to put it otherwise. :(

    1. We got one last summer, and it feels like we haven't quite mastered it, but it sure does feel good to see all that food waste go to something a little more useful.

  3. This is so great! My four year wedding anniversary is in august! Definitely considering some of these ideas!

  4. Great suggestions. My husband and I usually give each other outdoor gear for presents but these ideas spark all kinds of inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What nice ideas! Happy anniversary!



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