The Great Donate 2017- When it Means a Lot

by - Monday, July 10, 2017

the great donate 2017

This year, our family is trying to minimize our space and maximize our positive impact by gifting or donating 2,017 items out of our house. You can read the kickoff here, but basically the idea is that the average American household has an unbelieveable 300,000 objects in it. Wha What!?!?!? That is too many, and our overconsumption is causing huge environmental challenges that our kids' kids will be grappling with long after we are gone. But our hoards will remain.

Another way to think about this. There is no such thing as throwing things "away" There is no away, there is only here on Earth, so everything we keep and everything we trash is still everyone's problem. The only way to solve it is reuse, recycling, and objects that biodegrade.

Let me give you an example-

One freaking hot day in June, we headed off to an estate sale in our neighborhood. This isn't necessarily our thing, but there were actually lines outside everyday (and a sign that said "Cosmopolitan Hoarder") so we had to check it out.

Apparently, this guy had been an avid woodworker and had tons of fancy equipment that I can't properly appreciate (The Bub did love turning some cranks though). We went at the end of the three day sale, and even though the organizers told me the vast majority of the stuff had gone, a regular garage sale's worth of tools, dvds, and furniture still filled his basement and an overflow tent. How could he possibly have worked any wood if his space was that overfilled?

Even though I think about what we keep and give more than the average bear, and I am well aware of how toxic this situation is, I still left feeling sad that this guy's treasured collection was being split up. It's a dark reminder to give things away if you don't need them, because your precious treasures look a lot like useles junk after years of collecting dust. I definitely left feeling motivated to only keep a few things that really matter, so our children aren't burdened with a whole house of stuff they don't want someday.

Oh wow, that was a detour! So, how are we doing?


Blech, 638. We are supposed to be halfway there! We have some major catch up to do.

So, it's time to get to work again- can we break the 1000 mark by August? I hope so!

gifted used wedding dress

I have a big boost to my motivation too. Last fall, I gifted a wedding dress on Buy Nothing, and this week, she sent me pictures of the wedding! She looked gorgeous, and it's clear that the dress (once an impulse mistake I made) was perfect for her day. I mean, doesn't it look perfect with her tattoo?

Plus, she got her wedding dress for free- how cool is that!? And it looked great!

Moments like this make it so worth it to be on Buy Nothing. Maybe I could have sold the dress used, but this way I got to hepl a neighbor and I am hopeful she will pass it on for even more uses. Have you joined your local Buy Nothing yet?

So, how is everyone else doing for the challenge?

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