Favorites from Last Week- Beets, Baby Bears, and Refill Revolution

by - Monday, July 10, 2017

1. Beets, Pesto, and Goat Cheese

Please, just feed me this all summer. This time, we made it with grilled chicken (and lettuce and herbs from our own garden), but really you have a pretty awesome meal without the meat. My new favorite thing.

2. A New Planner

I live off my planner and got my new one from Gallery Leather, so it is made in America. Also, the second one in a row, because it perfectly fits my needs, while still allowing my toddler lots of room to draw. I will miss last year's though!

3. A Secondhand Fourth

I never miss a chance for cheesy theme dressing, but we were only decked out in Made in America or used duds, so nothing was imported for us to look super festive. It's so doable, it's way cheaper, and you are doing the environment all kinds of good by cutting down on shipping, waste, and fossil fuel use.

4. Our New (to us) Playhouse

I love Buy Nothing. How many days go by that I don't mention this? But here's why. This week, we went to a neighbor's house and took apart this adorable little playhouse. After years of use at her at home daycare, it was ready for a new life, so we are going to fix it up and make it new for our little boys, who can use it for 8ish years and then we will pass it on again. That's at least 2 terrible plastic houses less in the world.

I love that this may have otherwise been headed to a landfill, but because we have the time and energy to bring it back to life, it will have at least another decade of play. We are cutting down on pointless stuff in the world and treating the stuff we have like it really matters. Doing this is making our life better, helping us build all kind of handy skills, and introducing us to our neighbors. I love it so much.

I will post pictures when we are done gussing it up!

5. The Refill Revolution

Ok, I am working on something separate about this, but this company Refill Revolution came up in one of my anti-plastic groups (and now I am chatting with the owner) and I am obsessed with the idea. You can buy your basic cleaning and body items in bulk pouches to refill your bottles at home, then just send the pouches back to be reused, so you aren't creating any more new waste. Just so cool, and perfect if you aren't ready to let go of your liquid soap.

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