The Eco-Friendly, Made in America Wedding Registry- Fun, the Great Outdoors, Odds and Ends, and Cleaning

by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

Alright, let's be honest, we have now covered about 98% of what you would ever want to register for. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel, people, because if you are registering for things in your living room or cleaning solution or a grill, you must either have a hell of a lot of friends or already own every towel and kitchen tool you will ever need. Seriously, what could you possibly still want from people for goodness sake!?

You can also think of this as a cool list of gift ideas when you are a wedding guest looking at an empty registry or for Christmas or birthdays or something. These are just cool and environmentally-friendly gifts.

So, just humor me as we go through some odds and ends that might be that last 2 % for somebody. But seriously, none of this has to be useful to you. We have been through a lot already. I won't judge.

First, as always, there are 3 Steps to Take for an Amazing Registry:

1. Self-Assess- Do you already have it? Do you really need it? You will be just as married if you keep with the old vacuum you like perfectly well and your partner's pre-existing gardening tools. By just talking about what you can still make work and what you really don't need can save your registry from a lot of waste.

If you are done, choose something actually fun and set up a honeyfund. Your guests can help contribute to your honeymoon (or down payment, or whatever means something to you) instead of buying a bunch of stuff you don't need. Yes, it isn't traditional, but tradition is putting us all in a pretty bad place, so why not just be honest?

2. Find it Used- I know this isn't the common train of thought, but you can get 6 amazing things at Goodwill for the price of one brand new. You can get things for completely free on Buy Nothing. In terms of a registry, you can register for more things you really want and waste less space on things you can get easily elsewhere. Save that money for something big and lasting (like a Made in America piece of furniture) or go on an awesome trip.

3. Buy Made in America- Objects made in China (of which there are many) are often not made with ethical labor, have looser environmental restrictions, and they use so much fossil fuel to get to you. So much. If you are worried about the Earth (or the economy!) the shorter the distance your stuff travels, the better. If you want to change the world with how you shop, start thinking "which has traveled the shortest distance?" instead of "which do I want the most?"

If you want to skip the descriptions and just inspect the links, check out this post.

Leisure Time and Your Living Room


Ok, we are starting with the absolute worst, so don't despair, it gets better. No one makes any electronics in the United States or with recycled materials. I found Lynn Electronics' ethernet cords in varying colors and lengths (but only assembled in the USA). I know you can get headphones too, but who the hell is registering for headphones- marriage takes listening, people!

Consider ebay, but really electronics are going to be pretty sparse.
Flexy from Amazon

Extension cords

 These Flexy extension cords are genius and made in America! Could be amazing! US Wire sells extension cords and cable as well!


 This may not be a common registry item, but it could be a great one. They can cover up a rough floor in a rental or make whatever you already have work much longer.  I think braided rugs are just the prettiest. I truly love them, and they make every space warm and colorful without being overbearing, but whatever your style, a rug could be the best gift you receive

Capel Rugs sells a wide variety of braided rugs (they also make LL Bean's braided rugs, one of which we own and love) that are so durable and so pretty.
- Secondhand. Most secondhand furniture stores have HUGE rug collections. Worth checking?
- Mohawk has amazing sustainability and zero-waste programs for their flooring with tons of choices.
American Rug Craftsmen also make their mostly traditional rugs here in the States.
Cotton Craft from Amazon
- Cotton Craft sells braided rugs made out of recycled yarn that come in beautiful rich colors and various sizes (if we had  room, we would buy this rug for it). A definite winner.
- Colonial Mills also makes gorgeous braided rugs in lots of great color combinations and shapes
Kathy's Braided Rugs, out of  Maryland, doesn't have much online pizazz, but sometimes that is a good sign, and the rugs look sturdy.
-Thorndike Mills has a wide array of braided carpets too, so you can find the perfect one.

Outdoor Rugs

from Amazon
I am slightly obsessed with rugs made out of recycled plastic, which you can use indoors or outdoors (I went and saw one in person, and they are softer than I expected!). I think it could look great on a patio or in a kitchen, and they should clean easily.

-My favorite company for these is Mad Mats, who are 100% recycled and fair trade, and they carry about every option you could ever want- turkish rug looks, geometric patterns, primitive stripes, traditional patterns, and even a Pennsylvania Dutch floral!
- Fab Habitat makes bright striped ones, reversible geometrics, florals (so pretty), turkish patternsnatural florals and the one I most lust after.

Rug Pad

Not romantic, but often necessary, and you can spend your home-making money on something more fun.

- You can get these from Mohawk made 100% in the US and with recycled materials (just poke around to get the size and thickness you want), so why wouldn't you do a little good!?!
Craft Rug Endurance pads are also recycled and made in the States, so you are sure to find one that works for you.
- If you don't like the felt ones, Gorilla Grip makes their pads in the US as well

So Fresh and So Clean

I have written lots about this, so check the Green Cleaning Page for more information. It may seem like a strange thing to register for, but it gives lots of low cost options to your guests, and you can start your life together off with way less plastic and fewer toxic chemicals. Not too shabby.

Brooms and Dustpans

 Why make waste while cleaning up waste? Here are all the registry options I can find that don't totally stink:

O-Cedar sells a broom with 80% recycled bristles, but we can do better.
Libman sells a broom made of recycled fiber that is made in America
This broom and this one with a bamboo handle (even better) are made in Lancaster, PA!

Redecker Dustpans are beautiful and keep plastic out of your home. Well-loved by zero wasters because they last.
Greener Clean sells dustpans made of Ecoflex material, blended wood pulp and recycled plastic.
-Full Circle sells a dustpan with a bamboo brush and recycled plastic bristles.


 I would never think about buying buckets, until we have been caught without one more than one time. BLERG! The best option is to re-use something (our favorite is an old fondant bucket- call a bakery! They have them!).  If you don't already have one, these are your options: 

Eco Smart makes a 100% recycled plastic one, completely with children are our future drawings. -- Leaktite also makes recycled plastic 5 gallon buckets.
Behrens makes metal buckets in the US if you want to go plastic-free (for good reason).

Cleaning Gloves

 Here are some green cleaning gloves from If You Care. Perfect small item to fill out a registry


If you are getting more hardcore about your footprint as a couple, you might decide that you will start line drying your clothes (or at least some? I am just plotting this, so no judgement here). To line dry, you will need clothespins. You can find them in LOTS of secondhand stores (and like 500 options on Ebay), since line drying isn't as popular as it once was. If not:

These ones are made here in the US!

Compost Bin

I get it, NOT romantic. But composting as a couple has HUGE positive impact AND it is easier than you think. A banana peel can decompose in days, but in a landfill, it may never decompose. Never. You may be the only person you know with a composter on your registry, but it's just because you are awesome. So you need two composting vessels- one for in your kitchen, and one outside to do the composting in:

For Inside: 

- We use this one from Natural Home (we liked it so much we rebought it when the first lid escaped).

For Outside:

For a composter, you are looking for something with good reviews and no discussion of smells. Since most people who compost are already environmentally conscious, most outdoor compost bins are made of recycled plastic! Huzzah! Let's look:

Good Ideas' compost bin is 90+ post-industrial plastic.
Yimby is based out of Canada and makes a spinny version out of recycled plastic.
Forest City Models has a dual batch composter, so you can test different combinations at once.
This Spinbin looks like the most fun (and space efficient).
Mantis also sells a pretty wide variety of compost bins, so you can find one that fits your needs.
Nature's Footprint sells shelf versions, but I can't recommend it, because I don't understand how they work (worms? Something with worms. I know it sounds gross, but if you have a yard, you already have worms too).

from Full Circle on Amazon

Dish Brush and Cloths

We don't use a dish brush or cloth specifically for dishes, but I think it is a good idea for a registry, and you have lots of options:

Redecker wood brushes have replacable heads, so it creates even less waste.
Full Circle also sells  a wide variety of dish brushes with bamboo instead of plastic. Poke around, because this is their specialty and they have LOTS.

For dish cloths, Etsy has about a million sweet and homemade options, but you can find a few modern things too. My biggest advice is to skip microfiber- it sounds great but is sending billions of tiny plastic threads into the water.

Dust Buster

 If you want a small, hand-held vaccuum cleaner, Metro Vaccuum still makes their handheld vaccuum in the States. Also, check secondhand!

from The Refill Revolution


We really loved the Swiffer brand duster for a while, but not I think something reusable makes a lot more sense (just keep an eye out for microfiers- it's not worth it!). Here are some good options:

-Marley's Monster has a washable and reusable duster that looks pretty jolly for a cleaning implement.
MitsuyoDay makes reusable replacements for the actual swiffer duster if that is your thing!

Mops and Sweepers

 If you are an old-fashioned mop kind of couple, you have a couple of options.

- Rubbermaid makes mop heads out of post-consumer recycled material here in the US.
-Unisan also makes mop heads out of 100% recycled materials.

For a more modern sweeper (like a Swiffer) or a modern mop, you can prevent the majority of your waste by getting reusable covers. We all love our swiffers, but their one time use inserts and all fresh plastic bodies aren't exactly great for the environment. In fact, they may just be the worst. So check out covers:

-Juniperseed mop pads are designed to replace swiffer pads (and I really like the color).
- We use simple crocheted pads like these from thecountryoakShadyCreekFarmNC, and WoodandYarnBarn.

- Finally, Bissell green sweeper instead, which has recycled parts and doesn't have any wasteful disposable inserts.

from generationMe

Paper Towels

I wrote ALL about paper towel options (and how it is way more affordable than you think!) on my Greening the Basics blog. Check it out and help me end our culture's addiction to virgin tree paper goods (because your spill is not worth a tree).

Even better than recycled paper is using Unpaper towels. These towels are made of cloth, but do the trick for all the jobs you use paper towels for now. We use the kind that snap into each other and roll up just like regular paper towels. I thought it would be a pain, but it is so easy! And having them on the counter is all we needed to shift our habits. Here are some good ones:

- If you are starting from scratch, this 24 pack and holder could be the perfect solution.
Marley's Monsters has packs of them without snaps to try.
- More unpapering from Etsy: fandcsewingThisJoyfulHomeetcgenerationMeTheEcotopia, and CreeksideKid.
- If you don't want snaps or fuss, these ones from Juniperseed would be perfect.
-Bamboo towels have great reviews. One roll lasts six months, so better, but I'd go cloth.


 Sponges for cleaning and dishes have so many great alternatives to the plastic scrub or disposable sponge you use now. I could rave for days about unsponges, because they save money, are easily cleaned and WORK. Let's look:

- I LOVE the unsponges from marley'smonsters. Their design is so smart. Easily one of my favorite things in my kitchen.
- Again, etsy has tons of options so something will fit your dish-doing style: TheLittleWanderersCoUpcycledCreationsCAD, and Huggable Earth.

If you want something a little more mainstream:
Full Circle sells a sponge made of walnut shells that is compostable.
Rubbits looks like regular sponges, but it is a loofah that is reusable and compostable. Perfect!
-Scoth Brite "Greener Clean" sponges are a quarter recycled paper and completely recyclable (but still plastic-wrapped. Use an unsponge).
-Full Circle makes scrubbers out of bamboo and loofah, so they biodegrade completely.
- Peachy Clean sells a sillicon scrubber (no idea if this works or not) that is made in Georgia from American materials.

Sponge Holder

 We use a soap dish for this, but one that drains probably is way more sanitary. Probably easy enough to find these used.

This one from Uncommon Goods is pretty.


 Honestly, I would let the shower do it, but The Boy loves it. Check with your Buy Nothing if someone will let you borrow yours for the two times a year you need it before you register. If you love steamy clothes, the Jiffy Garment Steamer is still made in the United States, and you can check their website for personal and travel versions as well.


Tubtrugs, perfect for holding cleaning supplies, is made of 100% recycled (and non-toxic for those of you who are organic) materials. Perfect for a garage or basement organization?


 Well, these turned out to be a bummer (most mainstream sweepers are no good, and Oreck used to make 2 versions in the US, but I can't find any evidence this is still the case), but all is not lost!

Maytag makes all of their vacuums in the US.
Shop Vac has earned my loyalty by continuing to manufacture their (well-loved) sweepers in the United States!
- Metrovac also has my love for their Made in USA vacuum cleaners.

Making Things Look Fancy

Maybe nothing in this chunk will appeal to you, but I really encourage you to check Etsy or local sellers before getting some bland nothing from a big store. Also, throw a "recycled" or "reclaimed" in front of whatever you are searching for, and prepare to be surprised.


 I will do a separate blog on cool art sellers on Etsy and elsewhere, but I wanted to point to a couple things I saw while researching for this blog. If you want to make the world a little better with your art purchases,

-  ArtLifting is a company/ organization that sells homeless and disabled artists art online, so you are helping someone make a living (and the work is amazing). The originals are a little steep, but you can buy a print for 30-50 dollars- right in the wedding gift price range. I will also say lots of areas have similar programs, so if you can, look into your local charities and support artists near you!

- On Etsy, Sarah Trumbauer (from Allentown, PA!) makes beautiful paper cut outs that I think would be a lovely gift.
- Jessica Haas sells geographically-specific  seasonal food calendars that are both gorgeous and informative (though I wish ours came with a guide), so you can start your marriage off eating healthy and local (or you could get this map and visit all the parks near you)!
- ChelseaPetaja makes beautiful quote prints, which if nothing else, teach everyone that van Gogh had a lot to say on love. We have one in our bedroom that makes me so happy.
Olive Leaf Stencils makes gorgeous, delicate stencils that make for gorgeous patterns on your walls. The options are endless, so pick something to support American artists and that means something to you.

Book  Ends

 Ok, I don't know how you could have so few books you need something to hold them? Still clearly someone uses these, or they wouldn't sell them? I love these silhouette ones from Uncommon Goods.

from Moku Shop
I have a few Etsy bookend favorites as well, even though it seems like you just need more books. I debate buying The Boy these book ends from Moku Shop basically every gift-giving holiday. R Squared Woodworks, Henry Lewis Home, and Rough Fusion (check this one out- people come up with the coolest ideas) sell great options depending on your style.

Bulletin Board

 If you are the kind of couple who like to keep things organized (or need some help in that department), this bulletin board (made of recycled materials) would do the trick.I really like the dark background too.
from How Joyful Shop


 Eh, not sure I'm convinced you could register with this without looking like it's just for you. But, if you want to go for it, House of Doolittle is the bomb, and they have lots of calendars that might work or a desk or the wall.

- I think a better choice might be a perpetual calendar, to help the bride and groom remember all those birthdays and anniversaries. How Joyful Shop and Favorite Story make beautiful ones.


 Clocks are on the list for first anniversary gifts, but I think it might make a nice wedding gift as well.
- Shannybeebo sells all sorts of cool wall clocks (I got The Boy one of the cool recycled paper ones, and it looks great).
- Sporty folk might appreciate these bicycle wheel clocks.
- Laughing Moon sells bright and whimsical clocks in their Toymaker's Collection.

So many choices- go browse!

Curtain Rods

 You're getting married, you are an adult (ish) now. Time to hang some real curtains? I don't think curtains really make sense as registry items, but if you are looking for cool curtain rods, Ferro Designs makes beautiful ones.
Entryways on Amazon

Door Mats

 My Aunt and Dad both bought us door mats, and they turn out to get a ton of use. So not a bad idea at all!  You can use lots of doormats that use recycled materials, so it also makes for a great opportunity to buy green.
- My pick is this one that is made of recycled rubber but "looks" like wrought iron (it doesn't, but it's damn cute- Entryways has more austere ones as well).
- You can get ones like this or this one (both from Apache Mills) that use recycled rubber as the base. - You can get a doormat made of tires.
- Williams Sonoma sells a line of Wellness Mats that even have therapeutic properties!

-Damn Good Doormats on Etsy have a lot of confidence, but they are spot on.
- You can register for/ gift a personalized record doormat from Uncommon Goods or a super absorbant one if you live somewhere rainy.
- Or everyone just get this hedgehog.

from Schoolhouse Electric and Company


 We gave an Edison Lamps to friends once for their wedding, but we haven't seen them for a long time, so I can't comment on their long term use! Maybe watch out, these lamps might curse friendships, but they are amazing and I still want one for us.

-  Our pick would be Schoolhouse Electric and Company, based out of Oregon, which are scientifically proven to maake your house 10 times cooler by their mere presence (I would buy basically anything on their website. It's all cute).

- Miller Lights also makes beautiful, slightly softer industiral lamps.
- If you want a chandelier, Etsy has a ton of amazing recycled and upcycled chandeliers that my husband would never ever let me hang so do it for me. Check out this one from Urbanchandy.
- Or this high drama number from Hangout Lighting.
- Or this Mason Jar Chandelier from Boots n Gus.
from Amazon

Picture Frames

  You are paying all that money for wedding pictures, so register for things to help you put them up! I think frames are essential, because art and pictures turn houses or apartments into homes.
- Rustic and Refined Design sells US-made picture frames out of repurposed wood. We just bought one for our new family picture, and I love it (and I am not the only one- check the reviews).
- Frame USA also makes their picture frames here in the States, and you can get them at varying price points.
-Wendall August Forge also makes frames and photo albums in Pennsylvania, some of which would also look sophisticated on your wall.

from Sur la Table


 This might be a really special gift to make yourself- my cousin Rochelle has made a bunch of wreaths as gifts, and I feel like they always turn out gorgeous. My Aunt Rene gave us a wreath at my bridal shower, and it is still really special to me.

Shockingly enough, Etsy has you covered on this front too (they have 140,000 + options just made here in the US). Check out (and this is the tip of the iceberg) Home Hearth Garden, Fairy Blooms, Aniamelisa, Ever Blooming Original, Dazzlement, Fairy Mojo, Wild Ridge Design, New England Home Accent, Chatsworth Ranch Co, String n Things, and NiftyMomma.

Wall Mirror

Perfect if you enjoy looking at yourself in your leisure time. I kid, Narcissist. We had to buy one when we moved to this house, so I could notice when I put things on inside out and so forth. You can buy these incredibly cheap, but probably not made ethically. My pick? Go to any consignment or antique store. If you can't find one in a color you like, you can always paint the frame, but tons of mirrors exist in the world already, and you can find one really special with surprisingly minimal effort. Don't have the time? This one. Gorgeous.

The Great Outdoors


Kind of fun to put on a registry? Not for everyone, so know your audience. I don't see too many of these out there.

- I love Schoolhouse Woodcraft  log feeders.
- I also love these simple mason jar birdfeeders from Jarabels.
- This mid-century option for the chic birds in your life from Mid Century Wood Shop.

Gardening Gloves

 Gardening gloves remind me of an old woman in a broad hat. But I hear they also protect your hands, and maybe you are planning on growing things in your marriage. I support this 100%, and so does the US garden glove industry.

Womanswork Gloves are used by the leading rosarians (apparently that is a thing)!
- I have noticed that at our nursery, we could find made in USA gloves, so this is a perfect thing to buy locally as well.

Gardening Tools

 You can find all kinds of great American-made gardening tools;

Fisher Blacksmithing makes hand-forged (and weirdly beautiful) gardening tools.
- Flexrake makes hand cultivators in America, and they also make brooms, shears, and other small tools for your garden. Be sure to check where they are made, because it isn't all the US.


 Do you know lots of grills are still made here in the United States? Also, grills cost a lot of money! Oodles even! Probably too much to register for, but maybe you have more generous guests or they all want to pitch in together.

- But you can get ones made here, like a Weber charcoal grill or you could get a big SUPER fancy Weber gas grill (no one will but you that. The cheaper models are made in China, so keep an eye out.
Wilmington Grills are also in the US, and these steel grills come in all sorts of uses and sizes.
Primo Grills sells ceramic grills, The Portable Kitchen sells grills and smoker that are surprisingly affordable.
Mak Grills is another option.
Huntington Grills also has an impressive number of options and pricepoints, so you can find what works for you. If you like charcoal grills, Hasty-Bake has been at it for 50+ years, so they are worth a look, even if the name is just bad.

If you aren't a huge barbeque-er, or you live in an apartment (but you would still like to grill your food), this Wherever Grill might be the ticket.

Grill Baskets/Pans

 Ok, you want to make vegetables outside, but they are always falling into the fires of your grill! No matter how fancy and glorious your grill, it may not to be able to handle your carrots. And grilled carrots are the jam.

- Lodge is a favorite for this registry list, and they also sell grill pans.
- BBQ Dudes sells one and a grill topper pan.
- So does Nordic Ware, if you want something more mainstream.

Grill Covers

 Rustoleum has the "first" Made in the USA grill cover (it's premium). I am sure some tarp somewhere begs to differ. Still, it could be just what you need for your very expensive new grill from your rich benefactor, Pip. Great Expectations 2- The Grill Story.
from Nags Head Hammocks


 I have almost bought The Boy a hammock multiple times, because I like the idea of taking it easy and slowing down a little (that's why I use my few minutes of free time doing extensive research no one asked for). You can hear more of my thoughts on hammocks here.

- The Original Hammock Shop sells a wide variety of hammocks that are Made in South Carolina, as does Nags Head Hammocks out of South Carolina.
-Outer Banks Hammocks sells pretty rope hammocks without a stupid Outer Banks sticker on it.

Grill Tongs

 I don't know if this needs its own thing, but these PopsQTools do look really cool. I would buy this as a gift for someone. Hat Trick sells tongs as well. I didn't find a made in America basting brush, but I am working on it.


 Most houses have a hose. If you have a house and a marriage, you probably also have a hose. If something happens to your hose during wedding planning, you can get this Continental one Made in the USA (this is another thing that could be made out of recycled materials, right? Step it up you hose tycoons!
Polywood from Amazon

Patio Furniture

In general, I don't think many people register for furniture, so I haven't included it, but I do want to bring this amazing furniture from Polywood to your attention. They are recycling plastic, giving it a wood finish and making all kinds of chairs, tables, and dining sets out of it. Just a brilliant idea. Update- these gems are catching on; you can actually buy Polywood chairs at Target now! 

 I love these, but if you are looking for a particularly special gift (and they have the right space for it), I think rocking chairs for a front porch might make an amazing gift. Polywood sells them in multiple adorable styles, and I just think it is such a fun, sentimental gift. Still expensive, but not ridiculous if you want to go big or go in on a gift. I am totally lusting after them for our house as well. Polly Products sells outdoor benches and picnic tables out of similar materials, as does Casual Living. If you want something out of wood, consider Prarie Leisure Design or Lakeland Mills.

Raised Beds

Starting a garden? We are only getting into this three years into marriage, but if you wanted to start growing things (and saving money on food and experiencing weeding zen),  Etsy has beautiful options for raised beds large and small (I bet your local nursery does too):

Infinite Wood Craft, theday2remember, and Farmtrie. I have a whole blog post about planters now.

- Don't have room for a garden inside? Aerobed starts you out on an herb garden you can grow inside. The seeds are from the US, but I don't see for sure on the Aerogarden itself. Still! Might be a super cool wedding gift, because you would always have basil, and basil is very important for marital bliss.

Planting Pots

 Panda Pots makes these (100% recycled and made in the USA) that might be good starts for your plants or a good enabler to start the apartment garden you wanted. You can also get them in black and terracotta colors. Very practical gift for gardeners and wannabe gardeners.

Gardex from Amazon

Shovels, Rakes, and Other Large Tools

Yay yard work! it really isn't too bad.
Gardex wins for making recyclable rakes in the US. Bully Tools still makes all of their tools in America, so if you need a shovel, register for this one which saves American jobs and hasn't wasted fossil fuel traveling here (and you can check out their rakes and other yard tools). If you need a weeder, check out this one. If you need a hoe,Heart Hoe might be perfect.


 Ok, here's the thing about skewers. I kind of hate them. As a person who only eats from them (and has no part in the cooking), I think they mostly are a pain in the butt to get things off, and I don't feel like the flavors crazy meld or anything either. Am I the only one who has noticed this? Anyway, if you still like skewers on the grill, Super Skewers are "the last skewers you will ever buy" (though maybe that's because you will notice skewers are actually kind of terrible).

Want something more fun than skewers? Why not get mountain pie makers! Perfect if you love cooking things over the fire, and Toas Tite makes their in the United States.

Tool Rack

For the couple (or just one person) who loves to have everything organized, you can register for this tool rack to hang in a garage or basement. If we had a garage, The Boy would have already bought this.

Yard Games

 Definitely not necessary, but you could get a bocce set or a giant game of Jenga to enjoy at your next cookout!

from Vermont Forging

Anything Else that Might be Cool

from Lettergirl
Address Stamps- Gets a ton of use, makes all your mail look pretty, more eco-friendly than the stickers.Only worth registering for if you aren't planning on moving anytime soon. Lettergirl makes my absolute favorite ones (we had one for our apartment, but haven't got one for this house), but you can find tons on Etsy.

Bungee Cords- Everyone needs them sometimes- maybe possible to just borrow them? If you think you need them in your life, you can find great Made in the USA versions from Super Smithee and Hook and Cord. They cost the same, so why not buy American?

Dinner Bell- Am I the only person who finds this triangle dinner bell totally kickass? I would happily have a dinner bell in my kitchen, and I just feel like for the food-centric couple, this would make a really fun gift.

Fans- It gets hot where you are (of course it does! Global warming, amiright?), and you can get this one from Holmes 100% recycled and Made in the US. This is another opportunity to tell companies what is acceptable to you, and I feel like it is working, because this fan (the only recycled one on the market right now) has sold out. Be sure to jump on it when it comes back!

Folding Table- Not everyone needs one (we sure didn't when we lived in an apartment), but it can be a good way to make things work much longer (for example, if you have a very small table or nothing outdoors, sometimes something like this can keep you from rushing into buying something new).If you really want to invest in a table or you have sworn off buying plastic (good for you), Spiderlegs sells a table that folds up like it's a suitcase and is made in the US!

The one we bought from Best Choice Products is made out of recycled materials, but it is also made in China. So honestly, mixed bag. If made in America is more important to you, good news! You can get that too with a Lifetime folding table.

Garden Art- I think one of the best gifts we have received is a windchime, which makes everything feel more serene. You can get Made in America ones from Grace Note Chimes and Santa Barbara Bells. Check out what local artists near you are doing too- this might be a great way to support a local business.

We love our gnome, though he has seen better days. If you want to buy someone a sort of useful but totally creepy gift, start at Kimmel Gnomes! They are made in the Black Hills, and the one upfront makes me feel weird, fear-like feelings. If that isn't weird enough for you, consider JJ Potts Ceramic garden shrooms. Yes, click the link, it's a thing! For the couple with a Wonka-themed wedding or one with addictions. Or they could just really like whimsy? You know I love them. Update- They are now frost-proof. Because these shrooms don't mess around. 

Woooo, did you make it? Good job! Congrats on your wedding (or your invitation to a wedding- you get cake, lucky devil)! Want to recap the other parts? Let's do it!

eco-friendly wedding on the beach

You can find all of the Wedding Registry lists here or you can Browse the Green Registry on Amazon.

 I am always looking to expand these lists, so if you know I forgot something, tell me! Be sure to check out the other parts of the Wedding Registry and check in next week when we look at how to Decorate for Halloween!

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