The Eco-Friendly, Made in America Wedding Registry- Bedrooms and Bathrooms

by - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This is the fourth installment of the Eco-friendly Wedding Registry 2016! Never thought about your registry having an ethics and environmentalism behind it? Let me pitch it to you...

 This is a huge opportunity to start out your new life with all sorts of good karma, making the world a better place because you love each other and because you are willing to think critically about your consumption as a couple.

 The idea here is that no one has to take the whole of responsibility for the Earth's well-being into their hands, but if we all try to do a little better, make even 30% of our choices with waste, energy, and locality in mind, we can make the future better for everyone.

So we have now gotten to that part of the registry that only makes a short appearance on most lists (towels! sheets! hangers!), but maybe it will take up a bigger chunk of yours. If you haven't yet, check out the Dining Room and Kitchen Part 1 and Part 2 of this registry too! Hopefully my list can help you fill a hole or two you might still have in your sleeping game, because sleep is the happiest thing of all.

 To start, you can go through these 3 Steps to make an awesome Registry List-

1.Make Your Own List- If you get on pinterest, you will see these epically long lists of shams and duvets and 47 towel sets that you need. Do you really need all those things? Probably not! Don't feel pressured to buy things you don't need or that you and your partner already have. Between the two of you, do you already have enough spare blankets? Then don't register for more! Do you hate top sheets (because they are an abomination meant only to get tangled in your feet)? Then good for you, and don't register for them! That mondo-list is a starting place, and the first step is to cross a ton of it off.

2. Shop Used-  You can buy a 40 dollar "fancy" ceramic soap dish made in China that perfectly matches your garbage can. Or you can go to Goodwill and get a very similar one for 50 cents. Very often, people are giving away sheets and mattress toppers on Buy Nothing, so you can skip a 100+ dollar purchase by keeping an eye out. A lot of what you need might already exist in the world, so check out some consignment before you fill your list with things you can easily get for free or nearly free.

3. Buy Eco-Friendly and American-  You may be asking yourself, why eco-friendly? Why American? You are about to grab hands and take a big step into the future with your partner- we can all take this as an opportunity to take care of that future by taking better care of the Earth and creating less waste. One of the best ways to do this is to buy local, because the objects in your home together will have traveled a shorter distance, using less fossil fuels, and will be held up to high American standards for manufacturing and labor.

The Bedroom List

Things to Register For

Bedding (2 sets of sheets, 2 pillowcases for each pillow you use, comforter/duvet, bed skirt, and at least one cotton blanket for layering)


 (2 sets of sheets, 2 pillowcases for each pillow you use, comforter/duvet, bed skirt, and at least one cotton blanket for layering. I have no opinions on shams, so follow your heart on that)- Bedding and mill work is one of those industries in the US that struggles, and not many options are available through Amazon, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of options. You need 2 sets of sheets for every mattress in the house, so when one is laundering, the other is on the bed. That's it. I imagine this is another one of those things that most people go into marriage already owning, but if you want a big grown-up set that matches, I get that. Just be sure to give what you don't need away.

When in doubt, if you want to be eco-friendly, steer away from any synthetic fabrics. They don't break down, so just do cotton or linen or something else that is natural.

As a side note, there are lots of loose blankets in here among the sheets and comforters. These things are available in most consignment stores, and sometimes you can find something really amazing in an antique or vintage store for a bedspread, so it still makes sense to look used first.

Like the plates, I am going to run through the options alphabetically, because they can be slightly overwhelming. Browse around and pick things you really like, but my advice is to stay neutral, so when you want to change one thing, you don't have to change everything. Pick some strong accent pillows or a throw, but leave the basics something you will like a long time.

from Amana
Amana is a set of shops and mills started by German immigrants in the middle of Iowa 150 years ago, and the company is still going, so you know they know what they are doing. You can buy throws and pillows on their website. The aesthetic is mostly very simple, but I think that's a good thing.

from American-Made Dorm and Home
American Made Dorm and Home is probably my favorite discovery from this round of research for you. This woman-owned, all Made in America company is based out of Kentucky with a mill in North Carolina. They started by selling bedding sets for dorm rooms, which they still do, but now they also sell comforter sets and duvet sets for homes as well. They remind me of my sister-in-law, who liked to switch out her bedding sets to change styles- this has that kind of feel, and their sets are really cute. Really cute. They also sell sheet sets and accent pillows, so if you just need a detail or two to make the whole thing work or you like your bedding but want more sheets, this could be your place to look!
from Brahms Mount
Brahms Mount in Maine weaves really pretty (and really expensive) wool, linen, and cotton blankets that would make perfect layering pieces. They seem lasting and unfussy, which makes for a good description of much of this Made in America stuff! 

Brielle Comforter from Amazon
Brielle sells bamboo comforters that are beautiful (maybe a little feminine) and especially eco-friendly since it is made domestically out of a very sustainable (and soft!) material. The flowers aren't my style,  but it may be yours, and they do have other options if you poke around!

from Cabin Place
Cabin Place sells rustic, Made in America bedding that might look great in your space or style. I love how vivid the colors are, though I don't think it would be a homerun in Seattle. Still, they might be perfect for where you live or raise cattle.  Rockmount also has the perfect fleece blankets to match!

from The Company Store
The Company Store is my new favorite place to browse, and I bet you will love it too. The Company Store has a long history in Wisconsin, and still makes their comforters and pillows in the states (everything else, be sure to check). They offer a good guide for picking the right comforter for you (Some are more expensive than others- I can't imagine spending 1000 dollars on a comforter like the most expensive one here- why not just sleep under a pile of money?)

from Cozy Pure

Cozy Pure sells comforters and sheet and pillowcase sets out of natural, organic fibers (like wool) that are made at their headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. The colors are almost all very simple, but the company has different priorities. They use all natural materials with temperature and moisture in mind.

Revival Stripe Wool Blanket from Faribault

Faribault sells beautiful (and often patriotic) wool blankets among many other goods. The mill is in based out of Minnesota, and it remains one of the last large vertical mills in America. They have been in the wool business since 1885, so they have forgotten more about blankets than any of us will ever know. If I were to buy a new blanket, I think I would buy it from them.

100% Organic Jersey Duvet Cover from Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics, based out of Olympia Washington, is a zero-waste company (so all of the by-products in their process are reused- AMAZING) that makes bedding and towels. Their approach is absolutely inspiring, and as a person researching, I respect how transparent they are about where each product and its materials came from, and you can really support American businesses from start to finish (and for those of us in the Northwest, nothing travels far). The company has a reputation for amazing down comforters (I mean, Oprah pointed them out), so you can get an all seasons one like this, though they are pretty steep. But they must be worth it, Oprah likes them for goodness sake.  You could also buy the lightweight one, which costs much less. They also make Merino wool blankets and duvet covers (also in jersey). It looks like their sheets are all made elsewhere, so be sure to check materials before you buy.
Linoto Sheet set from Amazon
If you are feeling particularly fancy, Linoto sells linen sheet sets in really gorgeous colors that should last a long time. The company makes their sheets in New York, and they have a great reputation for customer service, so I think they would be a great long term investment. And the colors are really so nice.
from Kelly Green Organics
Kelly Green Organics sells sheets and pillows, comforters, and mattress toppers made in the USA from organic materials (mostly hemp). Like many of the organic bedding stores, they don't have much in terms of color, but the materials have no chemicals, and white works with everything, right? I personally love their quilted blanket. They might turn me on to hemp!

Heritage Bedspread from Bates Mill
Maine Heritage Weavers is a company formed by Bates Mills weavers that continues to sell "George Washington's Favorite Blanket." I bet you didn't even know that was a thing! These blankets are VERY traditional looking, and I thought I would hate them, but looking at them for a while, I kind of love them. I think you could totally use one like the Heritage Bedspread in a modern designed room. It would make an especially cool addition to a colonial house or something like that, but I honestly think there is some potential here to do something cool, and the people who have bought these blankets LOVE them. They also sell curtains, one in a simple spotted "Abigail Adams" print I would totally buy.

Matouk sells sheets and pillowcases that have beautiful little details and are all made in the States. You can buy them on US (they have a Made in the US filter-check it out!). You can also get Tempur Pedic, Mayfield, and DreamFit (70% bamboo too- I like the quilted set) sets there that are made in America and could fit your style perfectly.

Native Organic Cotton makes organic sheets and pillowcases in the US using cotton that hasn't been touched by chemical pesticides. They come in light natural colors, and you can buy the pieces separately.

Pacific Coast Feathers is based out of Seattle, known for their pillows, but they make down comforters which you can get on with tons of Made in America bedding options.  They also carry Downright and Eastern Accents bedding collections that look great, so browse around.

Pendleton from Amazon
Pendleton has a line of blankets called Eco-wise, where the wool "passes strict standards of sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship." They also have great reviews, mostly crediting them for being worth the high cost. So might be worth checking into?
Veratex pillowcases from Amazon

Veratex has tons of Sateen and cotton sheets and pillowcases for sale on Amazon, and they would make a great addition to your registry. They have simple but pretty embroidery on them and are made in the US (mostly from imported fabric from Egypt, so not a total victory here). These sheets are mostly 300 count and they come in multiple colors. They do sell 500 count sets as well that look really sophisticated. They also have a white cotton sateen comforter to go with them.

Kensington from Victor Mill
Victor Mill has a ton of options in lots of varying styles, all made here in the States. Some of them, like the Classic and Contemporary sets, are pretty and subtle. If you aren't into that and want a bed that screams FOLIAGE, try coastal (a little too Miami Motel for me, but we all have our own flavor). You can get the comforter and shams on one page, and the matching bed skirt on another. Other than the simple white, I think the Kensington set is really lovely without being boring or overblown. They also have something called "Sustainables" with no description (the website is not the best), so if I find out what that means, I'll let you know.
from Woolrich

Woolrich (out of Pennsylvania) used to make tons of their stuff in the United States, but now the pile is pretty dinky (I do love this bag though). They do still sell blankets made here, many of which would look great draped over a bed or couch or the grass for a picnic. They are great blankets in come in a pretty wide variety of plaids and prints, so check them out.


 I did an entire blog on closet organization that is recycled or made in America, and I have good news; you have tons of great options! I would say check and see if you can find your closet needs used (and paintable to your style?), but I haven't seen too much like that out there.

We are still on plastic, but if you are going to register for hangers- why not go for wood? They are better for your clothes and better for the environment. Cedar America sells wooden hangers that were grown and made in the States. The cost is a little steep, but it might be good for suits or dresses you want to keep really nice.You could also look into bamboo options, since they can be more sustainable (though that isn't always the case, so be sure).

I don't recommend bringing any plastic into your home when you can help it, but obviously this is one where the cost difference is significant. For plastic, Honey Can Do sells recycled plastic hangers in lots of colors in bulk (you can buy a 60 pack for less than 20 dollars). You can get skirt and pants hangers that were made in America. This is an easy one to do the right thing! Huzzah!

from Holy Lamb Organics


 I tend to keep pillows until I might as well have my head on the mattress, but a wedding could be a great opportunity to refresh pillows, which we probably should all do for our posture and such. Cozy Pure, based out of Norfolk Virginia, makes organic pillows in lots of sizes and price points, but they show their concern for the environment by using organic materials with no synthetic manufacturing. Holy Lamb Organics also has multiple pillow options- wool-wrapped latex and wool-filled bed pillows.

 Pacific Feather Company, based out of Seattle, also makes their business on a really wide selection of great pillows.

ComfyComfy sells buckwheat pillows made 100% in the USA (and pretty beloved- check the reviews), and you can even get the pillowcase to match. If you like down pillows, Exceptional Sheets sells a Made in the USA pillow filled with downiness. They filled this one with fake down for the allergic set. You can also get pillows filled with shredded memory foam (has anyone tried this? Any good?) that was 100% made in America. If you want a wedge pillow, you can find that too! Basically, imported pillows are totally unneccessary- better options exist!

Things to Get Used

Baskets and Closet Organization

Iris Underbed Bin from Amazon

Baskets/ Closet Organization

  This all depends on you, but I know our home is more than a little organization-obsessed. It keeps everything moving so much smoother (and eliminates a lot of waste) if everything has a place. I think registering for a closet-organizing system (or just family help in building shelves) could be awesome, but I also think storage solutions (bins, baskets, shelves, etc) can be found at most consignment stores. People don't think about these things when they register but if you can't find what you need used, you might try adding this to your registry.

 If you want to do the whole shebang and get your closet really organized, I highly recommend ClosetMaid, which we put in our closet and have successfully use to share a pretty small space for clothes. Not only do they have tons of options so you can find what you need, all their shelving is SCS certified to be made of at least 90% recycled content. You can find fussier looking sets, but it will be harder to find ones better for the Earth. USA Shelves handmakes wood shelving for closets, so you might be able to get something custom to fit your closet perfectly, or at least get the perfect wall mount.

Also awesome, if you are looking for cubes, Way Basics sells modular cubes made of all recycled paper material that are completely recyclable. They are also super light and easy to move, but last a long time (supposedly- let's be honest, the reviews are not all glowing, so read up before you decide). I use cubes for some of my drawers and all of my art supplies, and I wish we had found these cubes that use no virgin trees at all!

Colonial Mills from Amazon
 Finding baskets and bins can keep a small bedroom space sane for much longer. I am obsessed with these braided Colonial Mills baskets, which are both pretty and useful, as well as made in America. We have two for toys in our house, and they are the best. Green Forest also makes pretty rectangular bins that fold up when you don't need them.

I think these baskets from Schoolhouse Electric would make beautiful storage as well, maybe for a linen closet or something like that? I like the square one a lot too, and I think you could use it for a lot of purposes.

If you are looking for plastic bins for under your bed or to change out clothes seasonally, Iris USA makes all of their bins here in the US with an easily stackable modular design. We use flat underbed storage to keep all of our seasonal clothes in line. They also have ones with drawers. This is JUST the kind of thing I wish I had known about before we bought all of our bins, but we have the little blue Iris bins for my baby's memory boxes, and so far they are great. I am hoping Preserve goes into bins so we can get them recycled too, but for now, these are at least made in the States. But check your local consignment or Buy Nothing for bins, because as long as they work, it really doesn't matter how they work.

from Andrews Reclaimed on Etsy

Lastly, if you need hooks, Andrew's Reclaimed out of Seattle makes the prettiest hooks out of reclaimed wood, so they are also a very eco-friendly option for ties, jewelry, or coats. A bit of a splurge, but maybe the perfect gift for a couple who is organizing their closet.

Things to Just Wait On

 Mattress- I am kind of in awe that this could even be on some of the registry suggestion lists (they are too expensive to register for- just crazy), and you really need to be there to get one. Also, mattresses go on BIG sales at certain points, so I would maybe identify what you want (you need to pick in person, but Brentwood Home sells memory foam mattresses made in the US from all natural wool with a great green rating). If you want to start your marriage in a comfier bed, think about getting something like that as a mattress topper or buy a topper like this one made of bamboo. Holy Lamb Organics also makes a pad that makes me want to take a nap just looking at it. Cozy Pure also sells a line of mattress toppers.

If you are looking for mattresses, offers a lot of information on the mattresses made here in the States. also has a RIDICULOUS selection of mattresses and mattress-toppers made here, so there is no reason to settle.  A mattress is a big and heavy thing to lug across the ocean, so even if it is slightly more expensive, I would argue this should land on your in US buying list. For sure. But not on your registry.

Cool Gifts for the Right Couple 

Bed Band

 I didn't know these existed, but these bands made to keep sheets from popping off the bed are kind of genius. Might be a great way to keep something that you would otherwise retire, and you could register for them for sure. 

from Positive Palette

Breakfast in Bed Tray

 This might make a perfect gift- breakfast in bed, to me, is all about family and future mother's days and could make a great gift with a pancake mix you like and a syrup pitcher or something. Even better? You can find such gorgeous and special breakfast trays on Etsy- lots of them even use reclaimed wood. I love these reclaimed wood ones from Rustic Pelican, Fiber 3 Creations, and Lakefront Woods.

 I am also slightly obsessed with these reclaimed cabinet door trays from Dancing Dish and Decor; why has no one ever thought of this before? What happens to all of those cabinet doors? Great solution and sharp tray. Or you can get one made of driftwood for your beachy friends from DA Custom Frames!

Need more options? So many here:  try Unique Cutting Boards, pear44, Homestead1227, and grayworksdesign

Want to give something even more memorable? I bet with pretty minimal handiness, you could make one of these yourself. Make it out of an old piece of furniture or some other wood that might be special for the bride and groom and you will give a present worth treasuring forever!

Cedar Hang Ups- We have these, and they keep moths off of our clothes. Not your average gift, but it helps your closet and clothes last longer!

Mattress Topper- I know ours has been a lifesaver since we spawned, but you might want one before that too. Exceptional Sheets sells a plush mattress topper made in America with sustainable bamboo. I love that! Luna sells a mattress protector designed and manufactured in the United States.

Tie Rack- This would make a cool gift for anybody who has a lot of ties in their life (even better if they have lots of novelty ties in their life. That's a keeper) . Made in the America and super pretty!

The Sole Secret from Amazon

Shoe Storage Bench- These come in every color of the rainbow, would make a pretty addition to most bedrooms, and you can fill it with shoes to keep everything neat. Might be the perfect addition if you are a couple of fashionistas, and it is made in the US!

That's everything I have for bedrooms- not a huge list, really!

The Bathroom List

Things to Register For

Bath Mat
Bath Towels
Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain Liner
Shower Curtain Rings
from Artfully Feathered on Etsy

Bath Mat

  A lot of the towel sets have a bathmat too, so I suggest you look around. You can use a recycled plastic mat as a bath mat. It cleans easily, and it saves the Earth from that much more plastic waste.

Garland Rug makes bathmats along with their rugs here in the US (just look down the product list or you can find them on Amazon). You can also get a sports-themed bathmat from Fanmats if your life is my nightmare (I kid, but seriously). Wholesale Plumbing sells bright, fun bathmats to go with their soon to be mentioned line of towels.We have a small, made in America braided rug in our bathroom, it works great.

You can find all kinds of cool bath mats on Etsy as well, so that might work perfectly in your space. You can find a fox on a bike, a school of fish (check out this designer, because she has tons of cool options),  mosaic,  and watercolor designs.

from Rag Rug Road
It doesn't have to be cutesy or colorful- Etsy sells minimal and clean options as well, like this alpaca bathmat from Sheer Bliss Alpacas, this rope mat from Alaska Rug Company, simple recycled tshirt rugs from Hardworkin Girls, or (maybe best of all) wooden spa mats from Once Upon a Hive. My favorite bath mats come from Rag Rug Road from Tennessee, which sells lots of eco-friendly options for bathmats and other rugs. I will be buying us one of those once out current bath mats bites the dust.

1888 Mills from Amazon

Bath Towels

(4-6 Bath, 4 Hand, 4 Washcloths)

Towels. You need them. You may not need as many of them as some things say you do, but you need them. You definitely don't need an all matching set (so your single life towels should still dry you), but having a couple that match is pretty nice.

If you buy American-Made towels (which you should to save fossil fuels and transit costs if for no other reason- though you would also be saving American jobs and getting a better quality product), they were probably made by 1888 Mills, which is the last terry mill in the United States, so let's keep it in business! You can buy organic towel sets directly from them, in subtle colors that will last you a long time. And they are beloved by many people who buy them, so much so that almost all of the reviews mention they are repeat customers. All together awesome. My advice? Register for these.

Gilbin also sells towel sets that are made by 1888 Mills in Georgia (who proudly employ 258 American people), but the designs and prices are a little different, so you can check both and see what works for you.

My favorite branding of Made in America towels I found were Bare Ass towels, which is the spinoff of the successful Big Ass beach towels (also made by 1888 Mills). They are big (34 x 68- which is so nice), they come in pretty colors, and they have a tacky name (which aren't visible on the towels themselves.

Native Organic Cotton sells towels, bath mats, robes, and kitchen towels made of all natural organic cotton here in the United States. They work primarily with hotels, but you can buy their towels (in subtle, natural colors) here on their website.

A few other companies sell Made in America towels as well- AM Home Fashion sells large white towels, Cherub's Blanket sells white waffle weave organice towels, or for my other favorite, you can buy Wholesale Plumbing's towels which are made in Canada out of all-American cotton in really bright vivid colors.


Ok, maybe a weird thing to ask for, but if you wanted to, this one is made in America. And while you are being a little bit awkward, this toliet brush is also made here.

fromFolk and Funkyon Etsy

Shower Curtain

You can find anything on a shower curtain, and even better, some of those you can find Made in America! Case and point- THIS. I love that we live in a world where that shower curtain can even exist. Sharpshirter and Thumbprintz both sell polyester curtains that come in a really wide variety of designs from pretty to nautical to quirky (did you click that first link?). If you aren't looking for anything too serious (or even if you are), this might be the place to start.

As you might imagine, Etsy has you covered on shower curtains. You have so many cool options, and maybe one will inspire your bathroom design- there is a  modern floral (in any color combination you want), rainbow mosaic, cherry blossoms, chevron, chalkboard quotes, maps and more maps(I have bought things from this store and they are great), ruffled (these are cool), hemp, birch trees, more minimal designs (I love this one- I would buy this), hearts and romance (maybe a great wedding gift),  cactimore patterns, and even more octopuses. LOTS of shower curtains, so if you need one, get one you love.

The most fun choice I found in plastic was this Ty DIYshower curtain, which is made in the US out of recyclable plastic, but it comes with a permanent marker, so you can draw your own shower curtain's design on it. I just think it is a fun playful idea, and if you are a creative gifter, maybe you could design the couple's curtain for them!

Laurel Home from
Laurel Home sells Made in USA shower curtains on as well! 160 choices, so you can find something nice.

You can find cotton ones as well. This cotton duck one from Mountain Laurel Mercantile is so sturdy, you won't need a linner (though it does shrink a little with time, so factor that in when choosing). Ellis curtains sells a pretty Toile shower curtain that might work for you.  I really like the American Made Dorm and Home shower curtains, which you can have monogrammed (I could care less about monogramming, because I don't need reminded of my initials, but this does look cute).

Shower Curtain Liner

 Not a very glamorous wedding gift, but you need it just the same (at least in most cases. This liner is pretty big, and it is made in America. 

Best Liner sells one made out of US-made materials (it's unclear where they are actually put together, so grain of salt on this one). It's clear and it has magnets on the bottom which can help keep water off the floor. Not a bad choice, probably not the best (so their name is a bit misleading.

Shower Curtain Rings

These. Just like all the other shower curtain rings, similarly priced, made in the US. Come in lots of metals so you can find what will match. Done and done.

Things to Get Used

Beach Towels

  Easier to get these used than regular bath towels, because they don't need to match! Throw them in the wash and they are ready to get back to the beach. If you want to buy them new, Big Ass Towels are giant and classy.
Lamont Home from Amazon

Clothing Hamper

When we first moved into our new place, we excitedly bought a whole laundry system thing at Target,because we thought "Oh, our house is so much bigger, we totally have room for this! Within the first year of living here, my love/hate relationship with it has turned fully to hatred. It takes up so much room, but I feel like we can't get rid of it, because it works perfectly fine(Update-I got rid of it. Two years in, we have given it away on Buy Nothing and bought a few plastic hampers at Goodwill). So alas, we continue with it until we wear it out. Learn from our mistake. Buy yourself something used if you can find it, so it can be guilt-free if you move on from it. Plus, hampers can be found in consignment stores, and after a good wash, would work just fine.

If you can't find anything that is your style, I still recommend something smaller. My favorite is this bench hamper, made in the US and sold by Lamont, that you can actually sit on, so it might be nice in a bathroom or bedroom. The downside is that it is made of plastic (I don't know why they call it "paper wicker") so it depends on yoru priorities whether this is a good fit. Lamont also sells larger hampers. I also really like the colors of these ones, also from Lamont. Chelsea Collection also sells hamper and waste basket sets with the kind of retro wicker look (still made in the US as well, with pretty good reviews).

from Amazon

You can also find more casual, low-key options made in the States. Our pick for a casual bag would be this Eco-friendly, Made in America Laundry bag that can also be used for camping or just lugging around soft goods (100 lbs of them- this bag is no joke). I have to share part of their description-

"Because you're an cool environmentalist. Not a dork. Don't lose your stuff in a lame bag that falls apart."

Read the whole shebang, because I seriously love them. Going to buy them as high school graduation gifts from here on out. Also really great looking with a similar purpose are these large soft bags from Schoolhouse Electric. If you and your person are apartment living, so you have to lug your laundry somewhere, register for this wonderfulness. You can also get a military-style laundry bag or this commercial level laundry bag.

Green Forest offers a pretty wide variety of clothing hamper solutions, all of which are made of recycled and recycable materials, so they are pretty awesome. They have hamper liners and other solutions.

Some (but not all, so look before you buy/register!) Rubbermaid hampers are made in the US, and they are a pretty solid and dependable choice (I only wish they used recycled plastic). We still use the ones I think my dad got me when I was in high school, which followed me to college and now out to the West Coast. They don't look amazing, but they work just fine. United Solutions sells a tall hamper that has lots of holes in it for good ventilation (important if you want to keep things smelling fresh in your space). They also have one with a lid, which might be great for your situation.

from Clearstory Glass

Soap Dish

 We very recently bought two "new" soap dishes from Goodwill, and I kind of like the randomness of them (though The Boy put his foot down on the one shaped like a boat). This is just the kind of thing that proves the awesomeness of consignment shopping, and you can get one for 50 cents that will last you forever. 50 cents! What are you doing registering for this when you can get one for 50 cents?

 If you want one that is modern/ not ceramic, this Made in America one looks like it belongs in a spa. I also like this simple one from Howell's Products. Sunflower Sundries on Etsy sells a stand up one as well. If you are more of a dispenser person, think about getting a glass dispenser like this one (you could go a more normal route as well) and buying your hand soap in bulk, to cut down on plastic packaging waste.


 You can probably find some at the consignment store, or at least buckets that could work as a wastebasket, but if you can't, you still have options. Lamont sells these wood baskets made in the US (let's hope they start making a bamboo one). This one is tiny, but it would fit under a sink and is made of recycled plastic. Schoolhouse Electric sells a metal one and a wire-framed one that looks especially snazzy and modern.


Things to Just Wait On

Clothespins- If you use them, by all means register for them (specifically, these ones), but a lot of us don't anymore (even though it does save energy to hang things).  Wait and see if you go this route before you get clothespins, because even if they last forever, they are a waste if you don't use them.

from Outback Craft Shack on Etsy
 Toothbrush Holder- Could this just be a cup? Not sure that bathroom accessories merit the fuss they are given on registries, but if you are going to register for them, do it right! Emerson Creek Pottery's Go Green Earthware that I love for dinnerware also has a bathroom accessories set, including a toothbrush holder, and they are very pretty (there are more elaborate sets as well if that is your deal). I also like this one on Etsy, where you can put your toothbrush up off your sink. You can find lots of options (including vintage) on Etsy- ceramic from Sommerville Pottery, mason jars from Jarring Creations, even personalized ones from Cinder Ceramics.

Cool Gifts for the Right Couple

Shower Curtain Rod- This would only work if said couple is moving into a new house that happens to need a shower curtain. Pretty slim chances, but in case you need one or are buying gifts for this one couple that might exist somewhere, you have Made in America options!  Zenna Home sells tension curtain rods (don't use these unless you have to) and screw in ones (this is what you want). These are super affordable too, so really a great choice all around. I like that their screw-in ones even have pretty wide bases, so you can cover up old holes if you are replacing something that doesn't work. Brey-Krause also makes their rods in the US, including curved ones like the one we got for our shower (it makes the whole space feel a little less cozy).

from Wilbur Davis on Etsy

Towel Rack- Again, I don't think everybody needs one of these, but if you are looking for towel storage or a spa-like feel in your bathroom, you can register for this towel rack that was made in America! Etsy has some cool options as well, including this spa-like wood set up and racks attached to rustic shelves, Wilbur Davis sells the most streamlined, pretty wood towel bars that might make a fantastic gift too.

So there you have it! Have fun picking out what you want, and feel free to search more! Let me know if you find something I should add or if you have gotten anything on the list and have opinions on them. The more I can add, the better!

If you haven't yet, check out the Dining Room and Kitchen Part 1 and Part 2 of this registry, and keep an eye out next week for the Living Room and Cleaning Supplies!You can find all of the Wedding Registry lists here or you can Browse the Green Registry on Amazon.

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