Notice Anything Different?

by - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sunshine Guerrilla

Look up in the little tab for this blog. Do you see it? I have my own little icon thingy!

(I have just learned it is a favicon... that's how tech-savvy I am)

I point this out not only because it represents another (really exciting!) step toward being a serious blog (with some damn serious bossing going on), but because it perfectly demonstrates one of the things I talk about ALL THE TIME.

This logo was a gift. This was my big gift from The Boy for my birthday. It didn't come in a box and you wouldn't have thought much of the folded up piece of printer paper, but I can't imagine a cooler gift than getting to work with designers to make my own logo.

Because you know what is damn romantic? Having someone get right in the trenches with you. Being your teammate for a dream that is yours, not theirs. In that way, a folded up piece of paper can mean way more than a piece of jewelry or pile of gifts.

You want to give someone a gift they will always remember? Get in there and help them reach their goals. Try asking them what their goals are for this year, what's on their to do list or (even bigger) their bucket list. Start there instead of the store.

We all have plenty of stuff we don't need already. We all also have goals we want to accomplish, but just haven't yet. Figure out what the person you care about is really working toward, and just be on their freaking team.

So thanks to The Boy, kicking ass as always, and I hope you like the new logo!

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