Where to Donate or Recycle CD and DVD Cases

by - Wednesday, January 25, 2017

where to donate dvd or cd cases
from Living Rich on Less
When we moved into our first apartment, it became clear pretty quickly that our dvd cases were taking up way more than their share of room in a pretty cozy space. We bought one dvd book,and all the cases hit the road.

We had so much more room! I would never go back. With toddlers, I would doubly never go back.

But here is my Gateway Environmentalist admission. Those cases are all sitting in a landfill somewhere. We didn't make use of them, donate them, or even recycle them. At the time, I just enjoyed the catharsis of sending them packing, but now I regret not trying to get rid of them in a way that wasn't just moving my mess elsewhere.

So if you are cleaning out, you can still get the catharsis without turning that mass of cases (which adds up!) into someone else's problem. Instead, make them someone else's blessing. Here's how:

Check Buy Nothing or Freecycle Groups- Someone might have a great use for those cases. You won't know unless you check, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Still haven't joined a group like this yet? Craziness! These groups can be life-changing, because they reframe our ideas of ownership and the "value" of stuff.

Check the Library- Some libraries do need cases for things. Maybe they won't take all of them, but even if some get re-use, you are getting somewhere.

If you can't find a way to Re-use, then Recycle. Need to find where you could recycle cases? Check out Earth 911. They have tons of amazing resources (and listicles. Game recognizes game) and you can look up what options are near you.

If there isn't anything nearby, check with the CD Recycling Center of America, who will also recycle all those CDs and DVDs you have sitting around or that you break along the way. Green Disk will also accept DVDs and CDs, but it isn't clear whether they will take the cases too.

You can de-bulk a big chunk of your house by simply getting rid of all those cases. Just don't throw them away- more environmentally-friendly options exist!

The Great Donate 2017 is on! Can you donate, gift, or recycle 2,017 items out of your house this year? The average American household has 300,000 items in it- who needs that much? No one, but there are lots of people who could use what you have sitting collecting dust.

Check out the Great Donate main page for more suggestions on what to donate and where. You will save money (by knowing what you actually have), free up space, and save so much from going into a landfill.

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  1. Love it!!! I tried to give them away at Best Buy because I heard they recycled them, but they will only take the actual dvd or cd and throw away the cases so I was still at a loss. Now I have new leads what to do with them!



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