4th Trimester Update- 8 Weeks and it is Getting Interesting...

by - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Evee Jigglypuff and charmander costumes baby pokemon in a wrap

How Far Along- 8 weeks! Moving right along.

My Weight-  About the same. Definitely we are past the point where weight just coming off is long forgotten. Started exercising again, and I have been trying to eat right, but trying is the operative word.

Baby Cuteness Rating- So cute! I usually think babies at this age are in the awkward puberty of infancy, because they are more crazy-eyed than cute. I look back on The Bub, and he was not super cute yet. But this baby is so darn smiley and cute already. Motherly love talking? Maybe. But you can't fight with baby rolls.

You Breastfed Where?- A fancy restaurant? While dressed as a Pokemon? Life is full of so many possibilities when it comes to whipping out your boobs.

And I am Feeling- Scared. This is the first week where I am really on my own- all the grandparents and paternity leave cushion has run out. I did my first day of two bubs today, and we survived. That seems like a solid start to me. It will get better, but first it will suck, and I am not excited to be in the suckiness phase.

Most Bizarro Quirk of the Week- Apparently my hormones think my baby is blind, because I have saucers on my chest. Maybe they were like this before, and I was too busy with other things to notice. But wow, body, we get it, you can nipple. Let's turn the volume down on that now.

Best Moment of the Week- We are running on empty, and it feels like we are surviving moment to moment. We thought we were completely out of The Bub's diapers, and we were debating who was headed back to the store. It just felt like adulthood was back to ruin an already iffy day.

Then, like a gift from heaven, a UPS-driving angel dropped off the Bub's box of diapers a day early. I may have danced with the box through the living room. These are not the days where you get a lot of wins, but man, a diaper subscription, two chocolate chip cookies, and a documentary about the Shining may have just saved house morale. 

Having my cousin visit this weekend was also amazing. We had trick or treating, and having her there made the whole thing more fun and less stressful (because adults again outnumbered babies). I am so lucky to have her as a friend and cousin- is there anything better in the world than having someone love your kids? Plus, I really like having a full house of people. 

Favorite Tool in my Arsenal- Reusable Nursing Pads (I have these ones from Love Your Reusables on Etsy). Why did disposable nursing pads even become a thing? These are easy to throw in the laundry, and I have saved so much money (and prevented waste!) by going this route. If you are a new mommy, consider it!

And We are Watching- Nothing interesting. I mostly watch food shows at night, but I have actually been avoiding it to try to keep the Baby Bear sleeping. I have been working on Shutterfly projects on a dim computer. My goal is to have an awesome playlist for November so we mostly use music to fill the house.

And the Boy?- Back to work and I think in total fear I will have a break down from the challenge of getting everyone enough sleep. I am hoping he will be pleasantly surprised. I miss having him around all the time though.

Looking Forward To- Getting everyone back on schedule! 2 months of upheaval since we had a "normal," so I am looking forward to having a "normal" again. Plus, we have more visitors coming this weekend! Excited to spend the weekend with the Boy's brother and sister-in-law. So fun, and it is always happy to introduce our baby to his family. 

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  1. I totally understand feeling scared and running on empty. I have a five month old. Is this your first baby? Sorry I don't know I just started following your blog. I do like this post though! So good to share the reality of a newborn.

  2. They are so easy to love, and it helps that they have flexible and patient parents- thank you to Artie for not being so scary after all!



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