Five Favorite Etsy Stores- Stranger Things Goodies

by - Sunday, October 30, 2016

I want to keep highlighting amazing makers in the US, and I feel like my Etsy links can get caught in the more mainstream shuffle. So starting a series to focus on the greatest stuff we have found. 

We may be slightly obsessed with this show in our house (especially a national treasure named Barb). It turns out, we are not the only ones, because there are so many cool and hilarious Stranger Things goodies on Etsy. How can you not feel good about a world where people are making Barb stickers? These might make fun Christmas gifts, or just cute things to look at.

stranger things we are all barb t shirt strangeways studios
from Strangeways Studios
Strangeways Studios (Utah) has all sorts of pop culture t-shirts, totes, and onesies. I love their simple contour-line designs, and they have a couple of Barba and Eleven designs I am totally in love with. It makes me laugh that they use the same waffle design for Leslie Knope and Eleven (they have so much in common). Love this store!

stranger things poster concepcion studios etsy
from Concepcion Studios
Concepcion Studios (California) makes beautiful and minimalist "retro-modern" posters, ncluding this one for Stranger Things. Plus, they aren't all that expensive, so they might make a perfect gift for the movie lover you love.

stranger thing stickers eleven mike eggo dreamlike film etsy
from dreamlikefilm
Dreamlikefilm (Chicago) makes vinyl stickers with great style and pop culture (mostly film) references. I love their choices for Stranger Things references too- who doesn't need an eggo sticker! This store might be a great stop for stocking stuffers.

stranger things barb is forever t shirt etsy wooteewoot
from Wooteewoot
Wooteewoot- Has any one shirt ever contained so much truth? They have lots of cool ones.

stranger things light alphabet magnets big yellow dog designs etsy
from Big Yellow Dog Designs
Big Yellow Dog Designs (Atlanta)- The Lights with the alphabet has to be the most iconic image in the show. Making Alphabet magnets with that image? Totally genius.

stranger things vhs tape lamp smart lamb shop etsy
from Smart Lamb Shop
Bonus- I try to feature all American shops, because I really believe that buying locally is better for the environment, but this was too cool to not include. Smart Lamb Shop recycles old VHS tapes into table lamps, and the bizarre anachronistic combination of a modern nostalgia tv show on a medium it will never actually BE on is just too good. You, my friends, are some Brazilian Winners.

Ok, there are so many cool things, so if you are interested, check these stores too- Dainty Dirtbags, Jenny's Sweet Tees, Cately Designs, The Exploding Awesome, jeddlangevin, Abbie Illustrations, Weirdo Weapons, Tokyo Electrick, and Deep Fried Art.

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