Five Favorite Etsy Stores- Halloween Accessories

by - Sunday, October 23, 2016

I want to keep highlighting amazing makers in the US, and I feel like my Etsy links can get caught in the more mainstream shuffle. So starting a series to focus on the greatest stuff we have found. 

david bowie cat pin halloween accessory
from Danielle V Green
Danielle V Green (New Jersey) makes brooches of cats in Halloween costumes like David Bowie, Bettie Page, Frida Kahlo, or the Little Mermaid. It sounds convoluted, and yet, when you look at them, the genius is clear from the get go. If you aren't necessarily a costume type of person but want to honor the sense of play that comes with Halloween, this is a great option. Also, if anyone is ever struggling to buy me a Christmas gift... If you love the pin idea but the cats aren't doing it for you, try Sayonara Baby, which has wonderfully disturbing Beetlejuice pins.

bats ear cuff halloween accessory
from Marty Magic
Marty Magic (Santa Cruz, CA) sells earrings and ear cuffs, many of which might be fun for Halloween. I love these bat cuffs the most, because they are both fun and a little bit creepy. I haven't seen them before, and getting things this memorable and unique is a big perk of Etsy.

skull ring callie jewelry etsy halloween accessory
from Callie Jewelry
Callie Jewelry (California) doesn't exclusively sell Halloween stuff, but I do love the subtlety of this skull ring. Great if you like your accessories to whisper about mortality. But not scream death, because that is just too much. It actually reminds me of the Goonies, so you know it's good.

creepy and hilarious skeleton silhouette earrings from delicate jewelry
from Delicate Industry
Delicate Industry (Sacramento, CA) sells these hilarious, unique, and completely creepy skeleton profile jewelry. These earrings look like something from a haunted mansion or out of a movie in the best way possible.

hornbell bat wings earrings etsy halloween accessories
from Horribell
Horribell (Bethlehem, PA) wins my heart on sheer commitment. I feel like these work for awesome Halloween jewelry OR if you go to a heavy metal concert. I just think they look tough and and cool.You could be a soccer mom and show up to the game with a black t-shirt,jeans, and these earrings, and no one else is going to fight with you.

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