6 Things for Today and Yesterday- Kamik Boots, Swanson's Nursery, Gump, and Trump Book Reports

by - Thursday, October 20, 2016

kamik polka dot boots for toddlers
from Kamik
1. Kamik- We live in Seattle, so you know we need some rain boots for everyone in this house. I tried and tried to find rain boots used, and I just never tracked down ones we liked that were in the right size. It hurt, because I almost exclusively buy our kids' shoes used.

At first, it looked like we weren't going to find anything ethically or locally made, so thank goodness for Kamik. This company is family owned for over a hundred years, and most of their boots are made in Canada (or maybe the US). They take the ethics and sustainability of their boots very seriously. They make their boots with partially recycled materials, and they have zero-waste targets for their manufacturing.

And they cost the same as most of what's out there. Check Amazon. Same price range as the made in China unsustainable boots.

 My favorite part is that they offer a recycling program; you can send them your boots back once you are done with them, and they will recycle them into new boots. Come on. Dream solution to the wet feet problem. The designs could probably be simpler for toddlers, but their adult options are really chic and simple (for rubber boots). If you are thinking about buying rain boots, hunting boots, or winter boots, check them out.
swansons nursery toddlers in the koi pond

2. Swanson's Nursery- We are lucky to live in a city where there are seemingly endless places to take kids or things to do. We already love Swanson's for outfitting our garden, but they actually have pretty cute (and free) seasonal stuff. On Tuesday, we met friends for the cutest miniature hay maze there. So cute. The toddlers were most impressed by the fish in their cafe, which really reminded me that sometimes exploring is the most fun for them (also, splashing the fish and getting slightly soaked).

3. Visits with Gump- My dad is here! I am in a house with a lot of boys, but everyone seems so happy. He went with the Boy and the Bub to pre-school today, and it seems like he had a great time. It's fun to have visitors come and see little pieces of our life here in Seattle, and he is such a huge help for us to get on our feet before the Boy heads back to work. At the very least, it has created the window for The Boy to make a lot of freezer meals.

kids art project masaai necklaces made of paper plates

4.  Maasai Necklaces- One of my new favorite projects for my art classes, these necklaces are just acrylic or tempera paint on paper plates. It's a perfect way to use the paper plates in your cupboard!

5.Trump Book Reports- Specifically, Trump Book Reports at 2-3 AM while I sit in the dark breastfeeding and eating pears. Hopefully the giggles create a positive snacking environment for the Baby Bear, and he doesn't internalize that I am a crazy person this early in life. But come on. That business is funny.

6. Schwartz Brothers Blueberry Scones- A highlight of my day, for sure, was sitting in a community college cafeteria cleaning out my email and eating their blueberry scone. A+ Washington treat. Like a thousand calories. But sometimes, when you have been up all night guffawing boobs out, you just need a treat.

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