3 Things for Yesterday- Snappies, Orchestras, and Baking Puns

by - Thursday, September 15, 2016

toddler playing with baby car seat

1. "Carini" and Snappies- Word of the day. Fun to watch the Bub trying to crack up his Nonno. Also, use his brother's various things as toys. That is some multi-tasking.

2. The Recycled Orchestra- These students in Paraguay play instruments made of garbage, making the most out of the giant landfill next door. It's depressing to see the challenges they face, but it is damn cool to see what they came up with. It touches my heart too, because it perfectly illustrates the connection between being creative and rethinking "waste." This is my favorite NPR story this week, and I am going to track down the documentary- Landfill Harmonic.

3. Mel and Sue- We are watching tons of Great British Bake Off in our post-baby hermiting with the Boy's parents. Sadly, this is paired with the news that Mel and Sue are leaving! Boo! Those ladies (and their awful and wonderful puns) are total gems, so it is such a bummer that they are leaving. We were completely sucked in yesterday, so its sad that it is ending as we are just becoming seriously addicted.

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