10 Things for this Week- Welcoming Baby Bear

by - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This week, we brought home our second baby, so life is 100% about getting everyone settled right now. I try to go lighter on the personal stuff, but this is my life right now. If you aren't interested, I promise there will be more posts about plastic straws in mere hours.

toddler kissing new baby brother

1. Brotherly Love- Not to get too saccharine, but I cannot imagine this whole "bringing a baby home to your toddler" thing going better. Bubba does call his brother Succulent, and he does talk a lot about how his brother is "eating boobs again," But all in all, this is hard to top.

Nurse and father getting baby's footprint

2. Amazing Nurses and Doctors- We lucked out with our nurses this time, and even better, my actual doctor within the practice was on call that day, and that was awesome. It was a good reminder of how much someone who really cares about their job can make a difference, and I am seriously sending this nurse a card, because she was so amazing.

3. VBAC's are Overrated- Ok, maybe I am still too close to have much perspective, but now I have done both a vaginal birth and a c-section now. They both are solidly sucky and great in relatively equal measure. I am glad I did it, just to prove to myself I can, but beyond that, I don't think I gained much from the experience. You don't get a special medal for going through it, and in fact in my case, they took the Bub away for two hours, so my c-section felt a lot more about our bond than my vaginal birth did. What am I saying? You do what works for you, but like so many Mommy things, people's insistance that one route is infinitely greater mostly turns out to be a bunch of nonsense. Do what works for you, and let the rest go. If you have a healthy baby and momma, you have succeeded.

top pot doughnut in the hospital bed

4. Top Pot Victory Doughnut- Alright, a few things about vbacs are way better. One of the biggest perks is that you can eat very soon after. It doesn't have to be a doughnut, but it certainly doesn't hurt. God bless my Mother for bringing me this doughnut. And on that note...

sending emails in the birthing suite

5. My Mom- She changed her flights last minute and flew the day after surgery to be there when the Little Bub was born. The day after surgery. At a moment's notice. I have to be one of the only laboring women in history who was asking her doctor to slow things down however possible. So grateful for this amazing person who springs into action when we need her and who really shows that when you care, nothing can get in your way. I have often said she is a badass angel, but this took it to a whole new level. Thank you God for putting such a wonderful person in our lives and in the delivery room with us.

Laura Linney introducing Downton Abbey

6.Laura Linney, Patron Saint of Birth- What kind of cool is it that PBS was having a Downton Abbey marathon through Labor Day weekend while we were laboring? It was almost more Edith than we could stand, but it made everything a little more fun. And if it hadn't have been on, we really would have been in trouble. Or at least bored. We did watch something else while they killed off Sybil, because that just seemed unhelpful for childbirth.

Love your reusables reusable nursing pads

7. Reusable Nursing Pads- Nursing moms everywhere, I beg of you, skip the disposable nursing pads and get something like these from Love your Reusables instead. I love them- way more comfortable, easily cleaned (I mean, really, it's just breast milk) and I can use the same small stack for the whole time instead of constantly creating more landfill-filler. It may seem more expensive, but the per use cost is so much lower.

8.A Semi-Sleeping Baby- I don't want to jinx us, but I am currently so excited to have a little one who will go back to sleep after he eats, rather than staying up for hours on end every time. Again, a lot of optimism at play here, but I am hopeful we might stay closer to human this round!

Little Beans Baby going home outfit on a newborn baby about to go home

9. Etsy Going Home Clothes- I mean, it's dancing dinosaurs for goodness sake! I love this outfit from Little Beans Baby. If you want a great outfit for a little one at any age or moment, be sure to check Etsy first.

10. Roy Schneider in Jaws- Why do I find his giant glasses and turtleneck to be so on point? This movie is making me really think about things. Not so much sharks, just 1970's male fashion mostly. Also, why is his wife not wearing pants? Also, never turn your back to the ocean, people. Overall, I like the film way more than I thought I would, so that is interesting, but not as interesting as the strange appeal of Roy Schneider's face.

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