Letter to Get Better- Hey J Crew, Help the Ladies Out

by - Saturday, August 20, 2016

j crew usa hat

J Crew,

I was psyched to find out from my husband this week that you have a Made in the USA Shop section for men- highlighting American-made goods is so cool, and because you do that, he found the perfect pair of New Balance sneakers to replace his old ones (and they look great- I bet we will buy their shoes from you for a long time). He even bought a hat too, because he saw it was ethically-made.

It's amazing how many great choices you have- everything from bow ties, to knits, to shoes and belts, to swimsuits that are made in the USA. Though, of course, we wish you made more of your products in an equally ethical and eco-conscious way, it was still awesome to see that you not only carry so many great products, but you are willing to highlight them. Go you!

So here is my beef. Made in America has this sort of rugged, masculine trend going on, and we ladies who also want to buy our stuff that way just can't. You are part of the problem, because you only offer this space to men. If I am a woman who only wants to give my money to domestic products, I absolutely can't at your store or website without checking every little tag. Why is this? It feels like a very weird kind of sexism to me, on top of just being annoying, and I hate it.

 It's not clear to me if you just don't sell one Made in America products for women, or if it is so little that you don't bother giving it a separate space like you do for the men.

 Either way, it is time to make a change.

Why not feature what you do have, even if it is small? Or explore made in America products for women- there are plenty out there. Why not have the New Balance make some equally great tennis shoes for women at their factory in Massachusets- I would buy them, and I bet someone else would too!

Made in America is absolutely gaining steam, and if I as a consumer am going to spend the money you charge for your products, it has to be made in America. I am done shelling out for clothing that wastefully uses fossil fuels traveling long distances to the US. I am done funding the mistreatment of workers (especially in the garment sector) in other countries. In short, if I don't see "Made in America" I will go buy it from someone else or in consignment. Please consider adding Made in America shops for women and for children!

Sincerely, Sunshine Guerrilla

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