6 Things for this Week- Scones, Benches, and The Bieb at Canlis

by - Sunday, August 21, 2016

fisher fair scones
Fisher Scones from Amazon
1. Fisher Scone Mix- I am currently trying to learn to make amazing biscuits from scratch. Trying. The first ones were not so good. Until I am biscuit master, these are an amazing backup. So delicious, still made nearby, and did I mention delicious? One of my current favorite things, next to the Boy's strawberries, which are seriously great. If he ever offers you any kind of strawberry treat, say yes.

2.The Sole Secret Bench- We replaced our laundry system because it was on wheels, and we have a crazypants toddler who liked to drive it into things. This on its own is not a big deal, but combined with a new infants and pack 'n play in the same room felt dangerous. The new Sole Secret bench is so pretty, and it really makes the room feel more put together. It's supposed to be for shoes, but remove the dividers and it works perfectly for this! Plus, these benches are made in America! Win!

toddler outside on his bike with a new helmet

3. Our New Helmet- I kid you not, off the side of the road. Has some sort of dragon/ fairy hybrid on it, and it is very purple. But he doesn't care, and it is good to build the habit even if he mostly just pushes his tricycle through the gravel.

4. Cuddles? Someone has learned the word for cuddles, which you would think might mean more cuddles for everyone. Not so much. Mostly he continues to try to escape, though he does love "cuddle boobs." Which is basically trying to use cuddles as a way to stick his head in my chest and make me mad.

rachel pally maternity dress at canlis date

5. Canlis Piano Music- Oh Canlis, you are so jazzy and classy. Also, are you playing Mike Posner on the piano? And the Bieb? Also, yay for this Rachel Pally maternity dress- it has done all the classy and fancy work this pregnancy, and it was made in America! I felt really pretty for a huge balloon of a woman.

canlis dinner

6. Dungeness Crab and Zucchini- We went to a very fancy restaurant for our 4th anniversary, since The Boy is leaving next week. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but it is kind of a cool, fun experience every once in a long while. Plus, the view looked gorgeous and we got to see a truly special red moon rising over the city. Nice to have a grown-up night out, even if we will never truly feel classy enough for fancy dinners out.

7. Sick Days- I never finished this yesterday, which turned out to be a sicky day in our house. The Boy took great care of us, and we actually made a mature decision about putting our health before being busy. I hated it, but I am glad now. Trying to slow down is tough!

Word of the Day- "Many, many." Hilarious. Specifically in regards to many, many boogies, because we all have colds and are disgusting. The Boys have bounced back, but this prego is still many, many.

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