The Eco-Friendly, Made in America Wedding Registry- Just the Links- Kitchen Cookware and Storage

by - Saturday, May 06, 2017

The Eco-Friendly and Made in America Wedding Registry is back!

And lots of text about pots and pans come with it. Too much information? Just get to the point? You got it. Each list will come with a second list with just the hot links. If you want more info, just check with the Kitchen Cookware and Storage blog. This will be straight to the point, so you can add things to your list and move on.

If you don't see exactly what you are thinking, I really encourage you to poke around the companies listed or check Etsy. You might be surprised!

Bakeware and Cookware

Leslie Freeman Designs Pie Pans
from Leslie Freeman Designs

Things to Register For

Baking Sheets (1 Large, 1 Smaller)- USA Pan ( or the three baking sheet set)
Other Options- Williams Sonoma Goldtouch cookie sheet, Sur La Table's Professional Platinum cookie sheet,  Jacob Bromwell, or Island Ware

Cake Pans (I Rectangle and 2 Round)USA Pan (9 x13) and 9" circular cake pans
Other Options- Williams Sonoma Goldtouch,  Sur La Table Professional Platinum, Allied Metal pans, Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum pans, or Parrish Magic Pans

Casserole Dishes/ Glass Pans (1 Large and 1 Smaller)- Pyrex Easygrab dishes
Other Options- Pyrex Basic Set,  Anchor HockingCrate and Barrel Archor Hocking Line, Emerson Creek Pottery, or Rada Cutlery

Cast Iron Skillet- Lodge Skillets
Other Options- Finex, Used

Cooling Racks (3)- Jacob Bromwell (also here on their website)
Other Options- Used,  Etsy

Dutch Oven- Le Creuset and Lodge 
Other Options- All-Clad  or Nordic Ware

Griddle/ Stove Top Grill- Calphalon Griddle and  Lodge Grill/Griddle Combination
Other Options- Ecolution,  Nordic Ware, and All-Clad

Nonstick Skillet (12") and Sauce Pan (2 Quarts)- Calphalon
Other Options- TramontinaGreenpanAll Clad, or American Kitchen

Sauce Pan (3-4 Quarts), Skillet (12"), and Saute Pan (10")- All-Clad sauce panskillet (they have a pair too), or saute pan
Other Options- USA PansAmerican KitchenEarth Pans, or Wolf Gourmet pans and sauce pans

Stock Pot- USA Pan
Other Options- Wolf GourmetCalphalon, or  All Clad

compostable measuring spoons
Architect from Amazon

Things to Try to Get Used First

Loaf Pan- USA Pan
Other Options- PyrexAnchor HockingBread Loaf Pans, or Lodge

Measuring Cups- Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup
Other Options- Used Tupperware OnesPreserveReduce MelabooArchitecNordic WareIn a GlazeBlue Room PotteryThe Rustic HomeBarden Woodworking, or Etsy Used Options

Measuring Spoons- Natural Home's Pistachio Green Moboo Spoons
Other Options- Reduce MelabooNordic WareAllegheny TreenwareArchitecBeehive Handmade, Crosby and TaylorCarved Wooden Spoons7 Door StudioThe Persnickety Artist, or vintage spoons

Mixing Bowls-Pyrex Smart Essentials and Calibowls
Other Options- Anchor HockingCalibowls on Amazonstoneware bowls, more stoneware bowlsZak! DesignsMoboo bowls,  One Hundred 80 DegreesPreserve Nordic WareWilliams Sonoma,  or stainless steel bowls

Roasting Pan- Granite Ware roaster
Other Options- Nordic WareAll Clad, or Calphalon

Steamer- One expensive option from All Clad- go out and get this used!

Strainer- Preserve
Other Options- Granite WareNatural HomeJacob Bromwell, or Easy Greasy strainer

Tea Kettle- Etsy
Other Options- Alessi Michael Graves Kettle or Kalita's kettle (neither made in the US)

ipad holder for a kitchen cabinet
from Yankee Builder Shop

You Can Wait On...

Bundt Pan- Nordicware

Cookbook Holder-Yankee Builder Shop
Other Options- Etsy

Double Boiler- Nordic Ware

Paella Pan- Lodge
Other Options- Nordic Ware

Pizza Pan- USA Pan
Other Options- Nerd Chef or USA Pan Baking Steel

Sifter- Jacob Bromwell

Springform Pan- Sur la Table
Other Options- USA Pan or Nordic Ware

anchor hocking batter bowl for a made in america wedding registry
from Anchor Hocking on Amazon

Could be Cool...

Batter Bowl- Pyrex  or Anchor Hocking
Other Options- TruefitPyrex, or  stoneware bowls

Cookie Cutters- The American Cookie Cutter Company
Other Options- Ann Clark Cookie Cutters or Copper Cutters.

Pizza StoneCalifornia Pizza Stones
Other Options- Old Stone Oven  and Rada Cutlery

Pizza Paddle-  J K Adams Pizza Peel
Other Options- EpicureanHappy Home Basics

Popcorn Popper- Jacob Bromwell

Serving Tray- Walnut Hollow
Other Options- reclaimed wood serving trays from Etsy

Wok- Nordic Ware
Other Options- All CladCalphalon
anchor hocking glass dry goods storage for a made in america wedding registry
from Anchor Hocking on Amazon

Kitchen Storage

Countertop Compost Container- this one
Other Options- under the sink number

Drawer Organizers- Kozol Rio
Other Options- Totally Bamboo and Bellemain

Dry Goods Containers-Ball Jars and other lids
Other Options- Anchor HockingGallon size, or Libbey's containers

Garbage and Recycling Can- Rubbermaid

Grocery Bag- reUtility 
Other Options- Cotton Totes or check Greening the Basics Part 2

Storage for Leftovers- Pyrex
Other Options- Anchor HockingLifefactoryGlasslockPreserve, Lehman's

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