We're Back! Let's Talk about Trees Baby...

by - Saturday, April 02, 2016

Did you miss me? We were home for Easter, and I had less time than I expected to blog. Then this week turned out to be all kinds of insane, and before you know it, I am here on Saturday night, 30 years old, fighting a bug, and finally returning to the blog.

The good news is I have TONS of cool ideas for April, so let's get going! Can I spend a whole month talking about trees? Yes, yes I can. I am like the Lorax, but shorter and hairier. First we will talk about soil. Pay attention, and you can win Schrute Bucks. That's how sexy April will be on this blog.

All kidding aside, if you want to help the Earth but you get sick of hearing about all the things we are all doing wrong, go out and plant something. And pat yourself on the back! Because you are awesome. We talk so much on here about what we need less of, but this month, glorious April, we can talk about what we need MORE of- plants! Trees! Things that grow! I am pumped about it, so I promise, I shouldn't be MIA again until we get to May.

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